Poetry: “Becoming Heaven on Earth”


    There will be money, until there is money no more!
    There will be lack, until there is lack no more!
    There will be careers, until there are careers no more!
    There will be separation, until there is separation no more!
    There will be inequality between men and women, until there is no more!
    There will be false security through material possessions, until there is no more!
    There will be self-absorbency and self-importance, until there is no more!
    There will be arrogance and hatred and fear and negativity, until there is no more!
    The illusion will prevail, until it does no more. And the return of Innocence replaces our unworthiness, our guilt, our shame and our low self-esteem.
    And when that day manifests upon our Earth, and we truly are uplifted into the 5th dimension of oneness and unity and inner peace, we will let go of our small “s” selves and become the love, the joy, the bliss, the harmony and the inner wisdom of our true authentic selves.
    And then and only then will true intimacy return to the planet and healing become obsolete.

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    Bonny Kraus
    Bonny Kraus is a Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor teaching IET courses wherever she is called. She is an Angelic Light Language Healer, Angel Channel, Reader, Teacher, IET Practitioner and a Reiki Master...Find Bonny's information and articles along with all her class listings on her website or contact her by email.


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