Poetry: “Lily in my Heart”


    Serene-Blueness of the sky and the silence of the mountain met inside me today.
    What can I say! It is time not to say anything.
    A man from Minnesota flew all the way to the Virgin Islands looking for pleasure and pleasure.
    He was stressed out. He was running here and there
    And he was stretching himself to arrive somewhere.
    Yet the pleasure and the peace is not to be found in the Virgin Islands, or in the Amazon Jungle,
    or in dazzling city of Las Vegas. The pleasure is buried deep inside us.

    I have been, throughout my entire life,
    Working hard to pay the bills and to make my family happy.
    One day I sat silently by the side of a lake and watched a lily growing.
    Unlike me, the plant did not slave all day and all night long. She did not talk much to be understood.
    She did not compete with other plants. She did not need approval from us
    She was simply one with the moment. She was at complete peace with herself
    There was light surrounding her face that said to me: “You can call me harmony!”
    I was watching her, and as I watched her, I felt her energy flowing into me
    That night I went home and slept like a baby
    Next day I woke up with a lily in my heart.

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