Question for August 16, 2010


Edge Question of the Week:How do you define spirituality?


“How I uniquely get in touch with my godself.”

“I believe that God is everywhere and we can talk to him/her when ever we want to, by the lake, by the ocean, by a stream, a by a creek, in the mountains or just in our own homes. We are all children of God and we are all important. We are all loved and we can love. We should treat people the same way we would like to be treated, everyone should live by the golden rule. Do on to others as you would do on to yourself. Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

Lyndra Hearn Antonson
“Spirituality is how we connect with that which is greater, wiser, more loving than ourselves. Because we are all so unique, there are many different spiritual paths to suit each of us.”

“I believe spirituality is our own scared belief of what our God is. I believe he/she is always around and within us as our angels and spirit guides. Energy has so much power, many do not understand what we can manifest. As the saying goes…Careful what you wish for!”

Crystle and Dana
“God is ALL, created ALL. Spirituality is the knowing, the connection to all that is as God is all that is.”

“Spirituality is the universal source, the oneness, all of us connected.”

“Spirituality is that which includes things of a reality outside of our normal dimensions. It requires faith or an exploration of the inner world for gathering information. It is also the reason science based in our dimensions has such difficulty proving anything spiritual, as our current scientific instruments do not function on the same level as the spiritual and hence can provide little relevant information. We can begin to see the greater reality through things like string theory, which mathematically predicts a greater number of dimensions than we currently experience.”

“Spirituality is an acknowledgment that we are all one. Spirituality is an acknowledgment that we as individuals can make a difference to the world through our connection with all that is. Spirituality is an acknowledgment that we are in the Universe and the Universe is in us. Spirituality allows us through conscious awareness to walk our paths in the knowledge that our journey is guided by unseen hands. Spirituality allows us to be who we are which is love.”

“There is a place that we all come together into the oneness. Our differences melt away and our common understandings of peace and love come to the forefront. There are a lot of pathways to getting to an openness so oneness can be experienced. Religions , generally speaking, cause separation by teaching “My religion is the ONLY way”. If we take the time to learn about different religions we open to not only seeing the differences but allowing for similarities. It is the search for similarities and thus the oneness that is the SPIRITUAL path and causes a SPIRITUAL awakening leading to a SPIRITUAL life of SPIRITUAL experiences. And thus you find the oneness inside.”

Cheryl Hiltibran
“Spirituality is how I define my way of being and purpose in life. Spirit to me is the cosmic soup that we are all part of and Spirituality is the way (process) in which I interact, relate and connect with all that is. When I connect to the Spiritual power there is such an amazing awareness and ability to be in the flow of life. In a few hours I leave on my solo canoe trip where I will commune with nature and the beings living there. Perhaps on my return I might be better able to define Spirituality.”

“‘Spirituality’ is how one sees when one has been directly gifted the awareness of one’s deathless eternal nature, and the inseparable reflective wholeness of all seemingly separate forms of existence…wherein one recognizes the enduring underlying Eternal Resplendent Sublime Reality/Factuality of Wholeness established within, beneath, and behind all superficial, fleeting, and evanescent distinctions in form, flavor, quality, and identity.”

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