Question for August 9, 2010


Edge Question of the Week: How do you use your most developed extrasensory perception?


Doug Crandall
“I’ve learned to use mine subtely over the years, whereas in my youth I used it as a ‘defense’ weapon. Now I tend to simply follow the same instinct that used to get me in trouble but in a manner that is more beneficial to all involved. It is a honed skill, and one that I have learned to appreciate rather than ignore, or push aside.”

“My intuition is my guide. I use it carefully and not to alarm people. If my gut feeling persists and almost makes me sick, I know it to be true. I have had this proven to me for years now. Also answers have come to me, and I did not know where the wisdom came from. I do know now it is just ancient wisdom from my past. Both work great together for me.”

“To bring into balance that which is not in balance!
This universe is an ebb and flow of energy!
That which flows in alignment with me is a more natural energy for me.
That which ebbs tends to show me it is not in alignment with me.
So I bring into balance that which ebb’s so I can continuously flow!
For me the ebb obstructs the flow of continuity and balance.
I am so intune to My “Self”, the ebb is easly recongnizable as an energy that has flowed into my energy space and can disrupt the flow ‘I AM!’
So I bring all energy into balance by transforming that which it was, into that which ‘I AM.’
It is that simple!”

“I just let what is, be as it is. I used to stress about the things I had no control over. Life has taught me that there is nothing to control, only to accept and be thankful for.”

Christine Breese
“My superpower is my ability to love even people who are unlovable, although it is a power that needs to be honed for a lifetime, and every year a person can have a more and more open heart. Sure, I get challenged all the time by misbehavin’ humans, but that’s what life is for. How else can you hone your skills? Unconditional love is a quality of a master, and I want to hone that skill to the best of my ability in this lifetime.”

“Because I feel the energies more acutely, I utilize the sensitivity in my hands to practice Spring Forest Qigong healing for others.

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