Question for July 26, 2010


Edge Question of the Week: How does one obtain true peace?


“Open your heart to allow love to flow freely, start by loving yourself and free your inner child. When that loving energy comes from within you will attract like energy and be able to find that true inner peace.”

“Ahhh….true peaaaaace. For me it’s about being present. I mean REALLY present. The place where my heart is totally open and joy is emanating from every cell in my body. For me, peace comes when I let go of outcome, expectation, and come back to what really matters right now. No fear – only love. Exhale into it with me, will ya? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh : )”

Doug Crandall
“See it first. Seeing is believing, after all.”

Selina Maitreya
“By responding to all events, situations and in relationships with the most loving response you can muster.”

Laura/Param Atma
“It is different for everyone, but I believe a key step is to stop trying so hard.”

“Here’s a thought. How about getting rid of weapons of mass destruction and weapons companies.”

“True peace has been laid out for us already. It is up to us to believe that by Christ dying for our sins his Divine Accomplishment has sealed the deal with God that are sins are forgiven. By knowing Christ you will enter the kingdom of heaven. Sounds like peace to me.”

“True peace can only be realized through ones own Self!
Each of us is the gate keeper, and the key master!
Many experience peace through nature, love, meditation etc.
If you are everything and everything is YOU, then peace is YOU also!
The peace that passes all understanding is the peace that no one else can give to you and no other energy from any other or in any other form can match in it’s beauty and simplicity, is YOUR ENERGY OF SELF!
Discover it within, discover the YOU deep within YOU!
It is the last great frontier!!”

“On a practical note, to find peace, stop complaining about the things you don’t like. If there’s nothing you can do to change the things you don’t like, then focus your attention on something you can do something about, even if it’s only cleaning out a closet or washing the bedding and letting it dry in the sun. Find something to appreciate. The body needs to take action. If all one does is critisize and complain, they feel powerless and are easy prey to movements that want to ‘Take the country back.’ ”

“Look within, open your heart and accept all that is the way it is.”

Marie Wilson
“I feel that peace isn’t a ‘thing’ that can be grasped or obtained. Rather it may be the experience we have in the moment of release. In letting go of our ideas of how ourselves and our experiences ‘should’ be we have the freedom to live fully in each moment. I feel at peace when I allow myself to just BE in the present…moment.”

Aryk Allyn
“True peace comes when you live in the moment without the influence of the past or the expectation of the future. I am that I am.”

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