Recreation of the Global Tree of Life


Ancient traditions of our planet almost universally looked upon the four geographical directions as sacred. Since the beginning of time, they have played a role in the ongoing creation of our planet and its evolution of consciousness. Naturally then, many peoples all over the world have performed ceremonies to honor these four directions.

The four directions were thought to be associated with different spiritual qualities. Often each was symbolized by a guardian angel as described, for instance, in the Book of Revelation. From many traditions, such as the Mayan, it is also clear that the four (and sometimes six, if “above” and “below” is included) directions emanate from the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the most widespread of all ancient myths, and it was seen as the center of the four directions. For examples of how the energies of the four directions were organized around a center, look at medicine wheels in the West or the mandalas of the East.

In the modern era, knowledge about the Tree of Life and the four sacred directions has essentially disappeared, only to be replaced by a purely quantitative GPS system. While modern people typically acknowledge cultural differences between the East and the West, it is rare that they would see those as related to the Tree of Life. The result has been that many have become insensitive to the shifting energies of time and how these affect the evolution of humanity.

Only some indigenous cultures have retained the tradition of the spiritual qualities of the four directions. Yet, in the Book of Revelation it is described how the new world emerging at the end of time will at its center have a Tree of Life that will nurture the inhabitants. Maybe we are now, in fact, beginning to see a return of this Tree of Life, such as what has appeared in such movies as Avatar.

Beyond myth
What then is the Tree of Life? It is hard to believe that a phenomenon that has been worshiped all over the world by almost all traditions would not be more than a myth or a symbol. It would seem that there has to be a reality behind it. This, I believe is an etheric three-dimensional scaffold from which all the energies that create the universe emanate. Yet, there is not just one Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is more like a nested hierarchy of holograms, and exists at several different, connected levels of the universe that are in resonance with one another ultimately according to the principle “As Above, So Below.”

The highest level is the cosmos, referred to as the Heart of the Heavens by the Maya. The second lower level is the galaxy, the third is the solar system, the fourth the Earth, the fifth the human beings (and all other organisms) themselves and then down to the level of the elementary particles. Each of these levels has a central axis, a Tree of Life, which is at the center of all of its energy grid systems (branches).

On the level of our Earth, the Tree of Life is the polar axis, and since we ourselves are affected by the energies of the Mayan calendar through our resonance with the polarities that the Tree of Life generates, it is now crucial to prepare for the onset of the Ninth Wave. To be able to do so, however, I believe it will help if we are able to ceremonially recreate the Tree of Life after centuries of oblivion.

Polarities of energies
Our planet and its human cultures have thus emerged through the effects of the polarities of energies originating from the Tree of Life. The same can be said about the imbalance between male and female that has dominated for about 5,000 years. It is no accident that in the Judeo-Christian creation story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and the ensuing separation of the genders, the Tree of Life plays a crucial role.

According to the Mayan calendar, which is based on the shifting polarities of the Tree of Life, we know, however, that these imbalances are now being rebalanced and will ultimately result in unity consciousness if our resonance with the Tree of Life is strong enough.

These polarities are introduced along different perpendicular planes. One such plane is equatorial and separates the northern and southern hemispheres, another goes through Berlin, Rome and Cape Town and separates the Western and Eastern hemispheres of the planet, and a third plane goes through Washington, D.C., and separates the front (Pacific) from the back (Europe/Africa) hemisphere of the planet. Through the influence of the Yin/Yang-polarities emanating from the Tree of Life, the planet has thus evolved into a global brain, where the Western hemisphere corresponds to the left brain half and the Eastern to the right brain half.

Ideally, to recreate the Tree of Life of the planet, groups gathered during the Conscious Convergence of July 17-18, performing ceremonies at both the north and south, represented by gatherings in Scandinavia and South Africa, respectively. To recreate the global Tree of Life, these gatherings were complemented with gatherings on the equatorial plane in the West in Guatemala and in Singapore/Bali in the East. In each of these directions, representatives of cultural traditions to whom the sacredness of the four directions have remained a living reality were in participation (Sami in the North, Chinese/Hindu in the East, Bushmen in the South and Maya in the West).

People everywhere connected with the gatherings in these node points for the four directions in a globally synchronized ceremony. Part of the ceremony was about recreating the global Tree of Life and strengthening the relationship of the participants with this creative source. A second part was about unifying the energies and peoples of the four directions.

The Conscious Convergence was like setting up a base camp for the climb to the Ninth Wave. Part of what you do in a base camp is to make sure that you are prepared. This was true also for the ceremony of the Sacred Directions.

The Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar will be activated on March 9, 2011, and a new frequency of vibration and a new polarity of consciousness emanating from the Tree of Life will be introduced, which we need to be prepared for.

The Conscious Convergence of July 17-18 launched co-creators with the divine plan. It was nothing but a starting point of a path directed towards unity consciousness – and for this, the recreation of our planetary Tree of Life plays a vital role.

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Carl Johan Calleman
Carl Johan Calleman, a cancer researcher from Sweden, is a noted explorer of the Mayan calendar. Since the late 1990s, he has lectured and published on the topic. He is the author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004) and he has filmed interviews with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of the council of elders of the Maya. Visit, and the website of the Conscious Convergence at


  1. If you do not think the world is different after March 9 I feel you are not like most people who have experienced an enormous frequency increase. The chaos in the world has dramatically increased and that was pretty much what was expected.


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