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July was an interesting month for me to take a break from writing this column. I found it fascinating to see how swiftly reality is shifting, and I realized how important it is to stay focused on what is coming into creation rather than what is going away. Mainstream media, in all its forms, uses drama and fear to present almost anything. It is easy to be emotionally drawn into observing an event, deciding what the outcome should be, and concluding who is right and who is wrong. The process of judgment occurs so effortlessly that we consider it normal, but it is only normal within the limited awareness fostered by Duality.

A key attribute of Duality is to compartmentalize and reject parts of the whole, and with every such judgment comes a splintering within consciousness. The reign of Duality is drawing to a close, and it’s no surprise that our primary healing work has been to recover lost aspects of self in order to restore wholeness. Living in the now, conscious convergence and “oneness” are popular subjects to readers of this magazine, but those are states of being, not goals, and are reached naturally by the process of restoring personal wholeness. We don’t just decide to be whole; we transform what is creating the splits, and that process completes over time.

What we now realize is that mind has held dominance over life and other levels of awareness, and declared itself the arbiter of truth. The end of Duality is also the end of the dominance of mind. Those who hold to strong beliefs or attempts to manipulate life through mental focus are finding themselves quite challenged, since the underlying structure supporting mental posturing is dissolving. A teaching once arose informing us to “judge not.” Why? Because judgment creates splits and feeds Duality. Judgments, separations and Duality are all interwoven and are sharing the same death.

I wrote the above to set the stage for this: Duality has been a painful experience full of distortions, and most of us are happy to see it go. But, it may be difficult to perceive where we are headed. Musing on what will happen in 2012 might be entertaining, but nobody actually knows. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. The folly of waiting for something magical to happen in 2012 is that you are probably missing what’s here right now. The “blink of an eye” is already occurring, but know that it’s a huge eye and takes several years to blink.

The New Living Field is already present and accessible to everyone, although it takes a process to shift into it and we’re all arriving at slightly different times. In these early stages of transition I can only offer some rudimentary perceptions on life in what is variously called the New Earth, New Reality, New Consciousness, New Field, or New Matrix. There will be plenty of newness to explore for a very long time and my personal experience with the New Field is pretty basic, but I will share these initial observations:

  • The New Living Field is mutual – Energy is always balanced in any exchange, so there are no concepts such as giving or receiving.
  • The New Living Field responds in every moment – “Now” is the only experience, so what is needed arrives as needed, and not before. There is no thought of projecting a future based on the past.
  • The New Living Field is responsive to Heart and Soul – Creation within the New Matrix is organized around fulfillment of real needs and soul desires. Authentic feeling becomes conscious, is acknowledged and open to response.
  • There is no fear in the New Living Field – Fear is not real. It has no substance of its own.
  • We are being rewired to interface with the New Field – Currently there are 4 new nodes augmenting the chakras and coming online in the human body/energy system.
  • Beliefs have no place in the New Field – Multi-dimensional awareness and access replaces systems of thought. Mind is a processor, not a storehouse or director.
  • Calmness prevails in the New Living Field – This is the peace that passes understanding. Drama ceases.

It appears that much of 2010 has a focus of dismantling how much the mind has been dominant in creating our experiences. As the grip of mind relaxes and we release further from Duality, our awareness shifts and the new operating system begins to seem more natural. This is the process of transition as old perceptions melt away. I’ll bet many of you already feel a distance between yourself and the world that used to seem so real. We’re done, done, done with that old system. It is fading. Say your goodbyes.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (, and can be contacted at [email protected].


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