Spiritual Hunger – Part 6


    Sixth of a seven-part series

    In this installment of the seven-part series, I will offer suggestions about how to dismantle the matrix and live a life of self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom and glory, and in part seven I will offer my interpretive insights and impressions about the theories, prophecies and predictions associated with 12/21/2012.

    In a previous installment, we explored how it might feel relatively easy to accept that the matrix fiercely and dutifully governs the design and framework of Earth’s political and social systems, economic, educational and cultural constructs, religious structures and most New Age spiritual systems. However, somewhat more challenging and confronting to acknowledge is that the matrix governs the larger context of existence.

    If you have stayed with this series this far, you are without doubt willing not only to entertain these concepts, but take the steps necessary to dismantle the matrix at its core. As I also proposed in a previous installment, the Source – the creative wellspring at the center of all that is – needs us to examine the condition of our current Earth reality and accept that we are living in a matrix. The Source also desires us to confront, as author David Icke and others have bravely done, the degree to which the human race and reality is manipulated by those who control world events and how these factors affect the global awakening. I propose that it is an honor for us to join with these other brave renegades in rising from our knees so we might as, Mr. Icke proclaims, “take back the world from the sinister network of [global elite/secret government] families and non-human entities that covertly control us from cradle to grave.”

    Spiritual adulthood
    The current paradigm shift requires several things of us. At the heart of this paradigm shift is spiritual adulthood and freedom, and the completion of this shift is dependent upon our graduation from spiritual adolescence to spiritual adulthood. The most vitally productive way to participate in this paradigm shift is by becoming spiritual adults.

    Indeed, becoming a spiritual adult is necessary to dismantle the matrix. The most essential step in this endeavor summons us to reclaim our essence by embracing and embodying our cosmic identity as divine emanations of the Source.

    In light of this, let’s recap something we explored in previous installments. We enter the physical world in the third dimension having forgotten our true divine identity. Remember how we previously examined the fables passed down that speak of the time in our mother’s wombs when the veil doesn’t exist and during which we remember all the wisdom of the universe. But many of these tales end by narrating that at birth our Guardian Angel gives us a sharp blow that causes us to forget everything we’ve learned! Isn’t it interesting that we arrive in an incarnational experience programmed to forget the truth about our celestial origin and clueless about what we came here to do? After eons of forgetting, we believe it is our nature to forget. We forget to the extent that we forget that we’ve forgotten.

    Nevertheless, although oppositional forces sew doubt, restrict our receptivity and confound our remembering, I believe that our soulfire burns brightly and is the conduit for our re-membering, that we are designed to remember that we are made of the same essence as the Source, and that this, and nothing less than this, is our honorable divine lineage. In her book, Change We Must, Nana Veary shares, “…in Divine Providence, salvation is unnecessary, but self-discovery is essential. We do not save that which is lost; we merely discover that which is always there – our divinity.”

    Four passkeys
    After reclaiming our essence, there are, in my experience, four passkeys to crossing the spiritual adulthood threshold that function as a foundation upon which we can extricate ourselves from any and all prisons. As part of this exploration, we’ll examine three of the four.

    • Personal authenticity – Authenticity is the highest spiritual principle and the cornerstone of our humanity. When we are authentic, we are genuine, true, sincere, trustworthy and reliable. Also, being authentically who we are at any given moment restores us to wholeness and re-establishes our sovereignty.
    • Self-examination – Self-examination is the main ingredient of enlightenment. Regardless of the many definitions of enlightenment floating around that contain instructions for attaining this state that include remaining present in the moment, striving for humility, radiating unconditional love and serenity and/or aligning only with experiences and expressions of “positive” emotions, enlightenment is the process of bringing the light of awareness to darkness and illumination to denial. Carl Jung describes this process quite superbly, “Enlightenment doesn’t occur from sitting around visualizing images of light, but from integrating the darker aspects of the self into the conscious personality.”
    • Separating belief from truth – It is essential that we examine the truths that we’ve been holding to ascertain to what degree these truths are now holding us. In his book, Becoming Like God, Michael Berg fearlessly addresses the third passkey by declaring “our lives are a war zone, a ceaseless battle against a negative force that operates inside our skin, our brain, ourselves, and consigns us to a robotic existence and kills us as a reward.”

    Dismantling the matrix’s influence over our lives involves awakening to the truth that the matrix swindles us into serving our egos and thrives not only on us succumbing to indecisive lemming-hood, but also on engendering doubt, confusion, annoyance and suspicion. Even now, it opposes our awakening and the reclamation of our self-sovereignty by taunting us to deny that which resonates as truth. It wants us to acquiesce to both our incredulousness and our numbing comfort so as to validate that uncovering shrouded truths is at best annoying.

    Our comfort zones
    This brings us to an essential step in dismantling the matrix’s influence that involves our comfort zones. As part of this step, we must be willing to confront the degree to which we define comfort as the absence of extreme pain.

    The comfort zone of the oppositional energies – our individual ego and the world mind mental matrix – is formidable. We are told, as part of the illusion, that if we seek comfort we will have ease. However, it is only when we seek truth and freedom that deep and lasting ease can envelope us. When we move out of the comfort zone, the opponents become aware of their diminishing hold on us. The way to our power is through responsibility. If we negate new concepts because they collide with the acceptable structure of our current beliefs, we might be resigning not only ourselves but also others who will benefit from our courage to remain within the grip of the incomplete and inaccurate belief paradigms enforced by most religious dogma as well as assorted psycho-spiritual suppositions.

    Consequently, it is essential that we utilize the first spiritual adulthood passkey of personal authenticity and, in so doing, recognize and own how and when we become anxious and rigid in the face of change and, therefore, tend to hold onto familiar beliefs. Familiar beliefs reinforce the repetition of patterns, and this paradigm shift assures us that we cannot afford to remain stuck in repetitious patterns. When we acknowledge the truth of our current emotional, psycho-spiritual state, then we can move forward into expansive receptivity.

    Recognize truth
    This brings us to a point of great magnitude: There is a profound connection between authenticity and our ability to recognize truth. To access and embrace the larger truths of life, we must be willing to acknowledge the truth about our everyday lives, including the state of our spiritual evolution.

    In the same vein, it is also of great consequence that we take a courageous moment to employ the second spiritual adulthood passkey of self-examination, to the light of truth to the fact that most, if not all Earth inhabitants, experience bewilderment, fear, struggle, endurance, and suffering, decay and death as the main ingredients of their experience of 3-D. We all know individuals who function like intoxicated robots on a treadmill of illusion, convinced that they’re getting somewhere. We also know individuals who are devoted to complacency. Some of us feel relieved that we’re not one of them.

    However, all Earth inhabitants struggle to maintain an awakened state. Many meditate regularly, read spiritual books, go on sacred pilgrimages, donate to charities, participate in spiritual programs and have profound, illuminating experiences that temporarily change their lives. But these experiences often dwindle or are diminished by subsequent feelings of uncertainty, superiority, fear, restlessness or envy, with only a few translating into actual transformation. We don’t have a lasting sense of having transformed because we don’t yet believe it is possible. We don’t believe it’s possible, because we have not yet owned the truths we recognize and remember.

    Liberating ourselves
    A further next step revolves around each of us liberating ourselves from all constraints associated with our identities inclusive of our name, gender, job title, our allegiance to our roles in relationships and groups, as well as from our addiction to approval. I recommend that we explore how in our daily thoughts and actions, the matrix holds us prisoner using the ego aspect of our minds to hypnotize us.

    The ego aspect of our minds is where the matrix plugs into and operates from, because our egos function in survival mode from a place of fear. Therefore, to counter this, all aspects of our earthly/ego mind must serve the heart, because through the portal of the heart not only are we intimately connected to our intuitive knowing, but we also have access to the far-reaching wisdom of cosmic mind. I further propose that we observe how often we find ourselves thinking the thoughts we have been trained to think and accepting the pathways we have been trained to accept. Next, I champion us to open to discover new, perhaps even astonishing ways of thinking and acting, noticing when these discoveries are accompanied by thrilling, life-enhancing sensations.

    Our current Earth reality is not only an illusionary dream world, it is a perversion of what we are entitled to experience as life, and that the matrix not only generates this dream world, but its primary purpose is to keep us oblivious to its existence and purpose. We have been conditioned to scoff at the notion that there might actually be another way of being.

    Our cosmic heart
    Nevertheless, each of us has a window in our cosmic heart through which we can catch a vision of what can be. Our cosmic heart is our most beloved and formidable ally. Therefore, another step must take us to this sacred center, deep in the core of our being, which I refer to as our Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber. This sacred center is a point of consciousness, which, with the assistance of our imaginations as architects, is easily envisioned as a familiar place with which we can deeply resonate.

    Our Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber may remain inactive simply because we’ve been taught to concentrate on our third-eye area as the meditative focal point. In my experience, meditation, in which we still our minds, focus on our breathing and/or repeat a mantra, is useful for achieving levels of tranquility and equilibrium. However, if we’re seeking to kindle inner knowing, to receive insight and guidance and to achieve clarity that moves us forward on our journey, meditative journeys that are akin to vision quests may prove more effective.

    We enter the chamber of our Cosmic Heart through the doorway of the heart, because not only is the heart the center point in the overall energy system, it is the guardian of our intuition. Intuition is our profound inner knowing, our instinctual inner acuity and is sometimes referred to as a “hunch” at the level of instinct. It is a permanent plug into truth, understanding, knowledge and wisdom that is hardwired from the heart through the soul to our Macrocosmic Self (referred to in other traditions as the Higher Self, Oversoul and/or Essence Self) and is commonly called ESP (extrasensory perception) or sixth sense. It is through intuition that our Macrocosmic Self speaks to us, with our soul functioning as a translator or interpretive bridge.

    Furthermore, connecting with our intuition is the key to unlocking the truths encoded within us, and these encoded truths are our Holy Grail. This is why it is imperative that our earthly/ego mind must serve the heart. Our cosmic heart is the doorway to the far-reaching wisdom of cosmic mind, and consequently, when we’re in our hearts, our consciousness is expanded and our receptivity is enhanced. It is from this point of consciousness that we know that life is not as it should be, and that the Source’s original hope and intent has gone awry.

    Multi-dimensional beings
    A crucial and enormously self-affirming step involves accepting that there are multi-dimensional beings who designed and maintain both the matrix prevalent in 3-D Earth, as well the larger or more universal matrix and whose intent is to keep us ignorant, distracted and divided as a way of hindering both our individual and collective spiritual evolution. Remember, even though the Source has never been imprinted with any notions of separation or non-deservedness, because it is part of every atom of everything created from its essence, it experiences the reverberation of all that transpires from all those who issued forth from Its ocean.

    One of the long-range effects of the misperception of “the fall” was that it disrupted the conscious flow of exchange between creator and creation, with some of the offspring trusting inner direction less and less and therefore seeking direction more and more from without. The disruption in the exchange didn’t just impact the offspring but the Source, as well. Therefore, the dissonance we experience in our current earth incarnation – either consistently or intermittently, and have likely experienced for eons – is a reflection of dissonance experienced by the Source. Whatever occurs in one realm is a reflection of what is occurring in all other realms. Any rifts existing between the Source and any of its offspring or between any of the waves of offspring or factions within those waves perpetuate the dissonance.

    Consequently, for a long, long time we’ve all been impacted by labels, imprints, overlays, distortions and entanglements, and these have fueled many rifts. We can contribute to mending these rifts by activating our encoded knowledge of our cosmic origins, the nature of divinity and the origins of earth life so that all the threads in the tapestry of truth can be illuminated. Indeed it is time, after eons of forgetting and believing it is our nature to forget, to halt this pattern by remembering and in so doing reclaim our sovereignty. As we do this, we realize that there are no beings possessing an empirical right to evaluate our behavior that have authority to issue disapproving retribution or merciful grace. There are no deities who maintain hierarchical authority over us to whom we must submit for guidance, defer to for connection or into whose hands we must surrender our destiny.

    Therefore, I propose that we wholeheartedly thank all beings on whom we have depended – Gods and Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Hosts of Heaven, Lords of Karma, Ancestors – for their service, discharge them from their stations and posts, require that the covenant with them be dissolved and proclaim that all (us and them) are free to revise perspectives, to release previously ensconced beliefs and to throw off the shackles of what has become a prison for all.

    Activating and reclaiming
    Let’s proclaim our commitment to the ongoing process of activating and reclaiming the truth about the nature of our divinity and cosmic origins so that all the threads in the tapestry of truth can be woven and illuminated. Let’s broadcast that we are taking a quantum leap into spiritual adulthood and that our dream of self-governing, co-creative spiritual freedom is becoming a living reality.

    As we uncover and reclaim the empowering threads of truths and weave these illumined threads together, our perspectives are revised, we release previously ensconced beliefs, throw off the shackles of what has become a prison, discharge ourselves and others from stations and posts taken up eons ago and realign our trajectory in such a way that genuinely and powerfully transforms all that is. This is an important aspect of the threshold of spiritual adulthood, and the Source wants us to cross that threshold, to walk out of all prisons into the warm embrace of truth and reclaim our rightful heritage.

    Now that we have discharged others and ourselves from stations and posts taken up eons ago, let’s discuss convening with I refer to as our Celestial Council. To convene with our Celestial Council it is recommended that we first journey into our Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber, for our sacred center of communion does not recognize wounds of unworthiness and is untouched by maladies of untruth.

    Next, it is vital that we align with our Macrocosmic Self and, from that point of consciousness, send out an invitational telepathic beam that reverberates with the truth of our cosmic origins, that proclaims that we are a drop from the Great Wellspring embracing the principles of non-interference, unconditional regard and do-no-harm, and that affirms our Macrocosmic Self as the facilitator of this gathering.

    Our Celestial Council is comprised of Beings from various dimensions within this and other frequency bands that resonate with co-creative equality, integration, and revelation of truth as well as the full reclamation of our essential self-sovereignty. Our Celestial Council will always gather in a Circle because the Circle does not recognize hierarchies. The Circle honors our uniqueness while highlighting our points of connection, affirming all participants as both teacher and student, with each upholding his/her areas of expertise and inherent wisdom. The wisdom flowing through our Celestial Council, with our Macro Selves as the facilitators is not merely information but a power unit, a direct transmission of empowering, clear, illuminating, revelatory energy.

    We often do not experience freedom and/or transform because we believe we cannot. We must leave this prison, and doing so requires taking an unremitting stand for truth, coupled with a relentless refusal to settle for anything less than total freedom. Entertaining ideas and information will not suffice, and good intentions can only take us so far because they leave an opening through which the insidious force of doubt and fear can permeate.

    Furthermore, wanting to believe is not the same as being certain. Being certain requires a deep, core commitment. We must embrace this commitment with every fiber of our being and the force of our innermost destiny.

    In Becoming Like God, Michael Berg tells a story about a famous Kabbalist who experienced great pain and despair seeing people who had begun their journey but failed to complete it. It caused this individual even greater despair than his awareness of all those millions who never embarked on the journey in the first place. Mr. Berg further submits that “This journey will not fit into our schedules…will not be convenient…and that is important, if not crucial, to realize that our souls hang in the balance.” Allowing ourselves to be distracted is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic or, as Mr. Berg states “watching television while our house burns down.” In addition, Mr. Berg illustrates that “we can tap gently on the board for 100 years and not break it. But if we focus all of our force in a single, wholehearted blow, the board will shatter.” Neale Donald Walsch, in his book, Tomorrow’s God, urges us to consider that it’s “not a question of whether you have what it takes, but whether you take what you have and use it.

    A trailblazer, by nature, yearns to explore uncommon knowledge. Therefore, I implore each of us to have faith in ourselves as spiritual trailblazers and independent thinking renegades. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “renegade,” from the Spanish renegado, means to deny or disagree with, and along with that there is a reference to the word apostate. And, “apostate” from the Latin aspostata and the Greek apostasia means to stand off or away from; to depart from, leave or discard one’s beliefs. Because “apostate” felt very much like apostle to me, I investigated further. And, indeed, according to the same source, “apostle” from the Latin apostolus and the Greek apostolos means messenger; a person sent forth to deliver an epistle; the chief advocate of a new principle or system. We have the right and privilege to be renegade, spiritual trailblazing messengers that advocate a new way of being.

    We have a choice
    We are encoded to graduate spiritually and this encoding pre-dates all personal, social, cultural, and religious grids. Moreover, we are not now nor have we ever been condemned to wander in a bewildering maze of mystery and domination. We have a choice. We have always had a choice, but now we are vividly aware that we have a choice, and it is a profound choice.

    Having activated our cosmic heart communion chamber, encountered and embraced our authentic selves, reclaimed our essence identity, undergone self-examination and separated restrictive beliefs from the living truth, we are ready to continue taking steps that contribute to us radiating our spiritual significance. I entreat all of us to accept that any resistance to radiating our spiritual significance is not because we are seeking to steer clear of our fear-driven ego agenda, but rather because we are feeling challenged by the awesome prospect of our co-creative power and responsibility.

    I cannot stress vehemently enough the importance of our conscious participation, and therefore ardently encourage each of us to allow any chains that have bound us to dissolve so that our dreams of self-governing spiritual freedom will dominate our every waking moment.

    In closing part six, I leave us with a Message From the Hopi Elders:

    “There is a river flowing now very fast.
    It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
    They will try to hold on to the shore.
    They will feel that they are being torn apart
    and they will suffer greatly.
    Know that the river has a destination.
    The Elders say we must let go of the shore,
    push off into the middle of the river
    and keep our eyes open and our heads above water.
    See who is in there with you and celebrate!

    The time of the lone wolf is over.
    Gather yourselves!
    Banish the word ‘struggle’ from your attitude and vocabulary.
    All that we do now must be done
    in a sacred manner and in celebration.
    We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

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    MariAngela Landau
    Mariangela Pino Landau is a medium, mystic, metaphysical minister, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, poet and the author of Spiritual Adulthood®. Mariangela believes that authenticity is the highest spiritual principle and the cornerstone of our humanity and self-examination is the main ingredient of enlightenment. She is the founder of The Center for True North, LLC, an organization fostering spiritual freedom and authenticity, www.TheCenterforTrueNorth.com


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