The Bartholomew Effect – Part 2 – An Edge Interview with Larry Vorwerk


An explorer at heart, Vorwerk’s new book, The Bartholomew Effect: Awakening to Oneness, is a testament to a soul who continues to reach beyond physical dimension for insight on the unseen. What if we were more aware of the power of our intentions? he asks. What if we became conscious, multidimensional spiritual beings? And what if we all spontaneously experience timelessness, weightlessness and the ability to move with a single thought – as if in a dream, just as Larry experienced on a number of occasions? And what if you learn that you are intimately connected – perhaps on the soul level – with someone who walked with Jesus (the apostle Bartholomew) but were uneasy about sharing that information but could not contain the love that the experience contains?

In this concluding part of his interview with The Edge, Larry shares with us his sense of where we are now as humanity, and where we are going.

Is awakening into a greater awareness of oneness a purpose for us living our lives?
Larry Vorwerk:
Yes, for a number of reasons. One thing I learned through this whole process is that going into oneness is a simple and a quick way to help put your ego to the side. When you feel oneness and see yourself as part of everything else, then the ego has to step aside, because it thrives on separation, being different from somebody else. If there is nothing outside yourself, then there is nothing for the ego to feed on. That’s just one avenue that I have found to be helpful for experiencing oneness.

The other aspect that I mention in different ways in the book is that when we come to that awareness that we are all one, that everything we do affects everyone else, and everything that everyone else does affects us, then we will come to that point where we will work for the good of the whole. If all of our energy is spent helping others and being of service to others and helping progress things for everyone, just think of the difference it would create on this Earth compared to now, when people are in competition and in conflict with each other and all this energy is being wasted.

I read the part of your book where Source, in February 2006, gave you the message, “Right now there is only one game on earth, it’s the awakening of the Whole.” And I thought about the oil spill going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico and how we don’t have a solution from any one individual, but if we came together as one we would know how to solve any crisis.
Right. Part of the oil crisis that is going on there is unfortunate, because of the harm it does to wildlife and people’s jobs and on and on. But at the same time it might awaken enough people that we need to come to a better solution for energy. In the long haul it may be the catalyst that we need to make some of the changes that we need to do concerning alternate fuel.

What is your sense of where we are now as humanity, with trials and tribulations seemingly escalating every day?
I think we are right in the middle of the birthing process. I actually find it very exciting, because humanity is coming awake right now. A lot is happening underneath the consciousness or the physical manifestation right now that most people don’t see, especially the media. They only announce the negative things happening in the world. But realize that there are many spiritual groups out there, many good meetings of the minds, so to speak, finding solutions for things, creating love and service. It’s just a matter of time before it all pops out into manifestation.

With Dec. 21, 2012, there is nothing special about that exact day or time, but the whole time period that everything is going on is very important. I would say within the next three years or so, we are going to see more changes on this earth than we have ever seen in past history – and it will be good. Unfortunately, you have to do away with the old before the new can come in. All the things that had been kept secret or hidden – everything from the sexual abuse by priests to the corruption of the banking industry and the stock market – have to be brought out to the open to be cleansed.

It’s all part of the birthing process.
Yes, just like giving birth to an animal or a human, the birthing process can be quite painful for those involved, but the outcome is a very joyful occasion. The information I’m receiving from many sources is that we will see this new earth in a joyful, loving, peaceful way in the near future.

Tell me about your Bartholomew Effect group, what it’s purpose is and what experiences you have had with it.
It started back in 2004, around the time when I become aware of the Bartholomew relationship that I have. I wanted a group where people could speak their mind in a free and respectful way, where anything goes and nothing is too far out, regardless if you are talking about communication with ETs, or you’re talking about out-of-body experiences, or near death experiences, or anything else like that. It’s where you come together with like-minded people to share your experiences and journey. It’s also where we can grow from each other and support each other.

We meet twice a month here in the Northfield area; one gathering is more about learning and sharing, and we also have a time where we also spend time for healing the earth and healing each other as a service to humanity and service to the Mother Earth. Sometimes we might have a DVD that we would watch and discuss afterward. We might discuss things from a book. It varies. I do have a meditation at the beginning of each meeting, and then at the end we circle up and I take everyone into kind of an altered meditative state of oneness.

As a spiritual Johnny Appleseed, you’re throwing out a lot of seeds in this book, but above all what do you hope your readers will gain from it?
What I hope everyone will gain from it is that everybody is okay. It doesn’t matter where you are at on this journey of awakening. There is nobody better than another or worse than another, that there is hope for the future, and that we are the hope. In the book, I have a collection called the “What If” series, where I mention, what would life be like if it was this way or that way. My hope is that it will give people the seed to start their own growth and awakening so they can participate in the way that they are here to do. We all have a part to play. No one person is better than the other. We all have a part to play, and the more people who wake up and do their part then the quicker and the easier it becomes to truly create this world of oneness that is coming about.

What is your sense that souls who are acting out in fear and anger and violence really want?
Everyone plays a part, and there are those who play the devil’s advocate role. They might be the catalyst to get people to come together to resolve certain issues. Even though nobody’s better than the other person, there are people who are at different levels of awakening.

Somebody told me there was a whole bunch of people sleeping on the beach. The sun starts to rise and at first, a few people wake up and the other people keep sleeping. Slowly a few more people wake up, and eventually everyone wakes up. But it doesn’t mean that those who are still sleeping are any worse or any better than the people who wake up first. It’s just that different people have different roles to play at different levels of their own spiritual journey.

You’ve heard the term Lightworkers? There are those who are here to be the ones to light the fire or start the awakening process. People who play that role usually are aware of it in some way, and do it in many different ways. You can write a book, like I did, or you can host a meeting. Even those who are in traditional religion can awaken other people in their own way. There are many different paths to wake up. You don’t have to follow any given path. It’s whatever works for that individual.

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