Why Do We Dream?


Question: What are dreams and why do we dream?
Dreams falls into three categories. The first category is a meaningless dream. Just like many of your thoughts during the day are random and meaningless, it is the same with this kind of dream. The more silent your mind during the day, the less this kind of dream will occur during sleep.

The second category of dream is more meaningful. Dreaming often gives us the opportunity to experience and release feelings like fear, anger, hurt and sometimes sexual feelings that have arisen during the day, but for some reason, we were unwilling to experience these feelings fully and consciously. Instead, they are worked out and experienced and completed within the dream. It is a kind of emotional release, which is an important part of our rest and rejuvenation during sleep. The more we are willing to experience our feelings and emotions consciously during the day, the less this kind of dream will arise. The deepest level of rest and rejuvenation occurs when we go beyond the dreaming stage of sleep and our mind becomes fully silent as we sleep.

There is another kind of dream that occurs much less frequently. These are dreams that have a profound spiritual significance. They often convey a message, which will lead you into higher consciousness, or they can sometimes be a signpost announcing major transition. At these times, your normal ego structure is sufficiently relaxed to allow a higher and more awakened dimension of you to penetrate through the veils of illusion and deliver a significant soul message in the form of a dream.



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