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On the anniversary of the tragedy that started the downward spiral in our economy, the Twin Cities’ holistic community is reaching out to those who have suffered the most by providing a free Day of Healing to assist people to find their direction, heal emotionally and physically, and take action steps toward financial and emotional security. The Edge magazine and Lake Harriet Spiritual Community will present “A Day of Healing” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 44th and Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, for people who are currently among the 7 percent of Minnesotans who are out of work, losing (or have lost) their home and watching the last of their funds disappear.

A number of area professional psychics, healers and other professionals have volunteered to pay it forward and will be donating their services at this event. They will be offering free bodywork and energy healing, as well as intuitive readings directed toward helping people find their direction out of crisis. People may also bring their resumes to have them reviewed and classes will be offered on a variety of topics selected to help the unemployed and those who are in crisis.

Event coordinator Deb Battenfeld notes:

“‘A Day of Healing’ is soon approaching. I have received calls from people wondering if they need to reserve a spot. You do not. I take a moment and listen to their story. I sit across from a woman who has not worked for three years and still helps and feels for those who have less. Do we know what less really is? Can we imagine it?

“I hear the worry in their voices. I feel the tension, the tiredness in their bodies. Some have taken money that matters and spent it on trying to find help. Trying to find peace of mind and a ray of hope. Turning to us, the holistic community, for answers. We open and connect. We feel their heartache and fear. There are visions of a better time to come. We feel their spirit lift and see their eyes fill with hope. We give them messages of love and comfort from higher realms.

“This is what ‘A Day of Healing’ is about. Giving those in need a message of hope. An insight to a better day, a better time to come. Healing their losses, their fears, their stress. The holistic community coming forward. Giving back, paying it forward. A day where money is not needed.”

There is still time to Pay it Forward and help out those who have been affected by an economic crisis. Please consider and give us a call. And please, to any of you who need a ray of sunshine, a glimpse of a better day, please join us at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community on September 11 for “A Day of Healing.” For those wishing to Pay it Forward by volunteering to help those in crisis, please call Connye LaCombe at 651.334.8151 or Debra Battenfeld at 612.805.3402.

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