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The Return of Intuition: Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life, by Kathryn Harwig (Llewellyn) $15.95, 216 pages,
Natural psychic sensitivity is often associated with children. The Return of Intuition reveals the little-known, widespread phenomenon of profound intuitive awakening occurring in adults – usually around the age of 50. Bringing this emerging trend to light is psychic medium Kathryn Harwig, who has helped thousands of clients understand, nurture, and embrace their new-found psychic awareness. Their inspiring stories highlight the transformative power of intuition and reveal how this life-changing gift can be used to help others, receive messages from friends and family in spirit, and gain new levels of confidence, courage, and clarity. In this unique guide, Harwig presents tips for enhancing your own intuition and determining whether you are a part of this momentous spiritual movement. The Return of Intuition affirms the gifts of aging, encouraging those over age 50 to reclaim their once-revered roles as elders and sages by passing on spiritual wisdom to a new generation.

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Long before self-help gurus Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, there was Ernest Holmes. Hailed as the architect of the modern self-help movement, Holmes and his Church of Religious Science continue to attract a growing fellowship with an emphasis on the unity of all life and the importance of positive thought processes. For years, several of Homes’ most important texts have been unavailable. This fall, Tarcher is bringing back three titles as part of its Ernest Holmes Library.

A New Design for Living, by Ernest Holmes (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin), $14.95, 304 pages,
In its scope, and in its effect on readers, A New Design for Living is second only to Ernest Holmes’ magnum opus, The Science of Mind. In this cherished spiritual classic, Holmes demonstrates that wishes – from health, love, and friendship to the career and home of your dreams – are not only possible to realize but are within each person’s very reach. At last available again, this galvanizing book teaches how to turn mind-power into an infinitely positive force – the very force of creation itself. Harmonize with the beauty and intelligence of the universe, watch the magnificence of life transform before you, and awaken to the nature of reality. With this new-found power of transformative thinking, every goal is attainable.

Discover a Richer Life, by Ernest Holmes (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin), $12.95, 160 pages
Is something missing in your life? The quality of our life’s experience, from health and success to prosperity and happiness, stems directly from our relationship with the Universe and the patterns of thought that it inspires. In this beloved inspirational guidebook, Holmes provides the tools and blueprint for the foundation of a new and more successful life, grounded by and centered on the nature and meaning of reality. The world is ripe for discovery, and Discover a Richer Life is the map that will guide readers on a great adventure to a vibrant, fully realized life.

Living Without Fear, by Ernest Holmes (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin), $12.95, 160 pages
Does fear stop you from living your life to the fullest? In Living Without Fear, Holmes brilliantly navigates the reader through and away from anxiety, despair, and stress and toward the path to a richer experience in living. Learn to think constructively and creatively and to liberate yourself, finally, from all limitations so you can lead a life of greater health, happiness, and abundance. Living Without Fear is your guide to a life of peaceful self-actualization, free from the fear of what you don’t want in your life, as well as from the fear of not receiving what you do want. This courageous, luminary book puts the power back into the reader’s hands. Here is the end of fear.

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The Crystal Experience, by Judy Hall (Godsfield Press Ltd.), $14.99, 256 pages,
This is a fascinating book that gives you a personalized, practical and direct experience of the thought-provoking wisdom that crystal healing has conveyed to thousands throughout the world. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor, leading you through the key ideas and concepts of crystal healing via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals. Interactive exercises in this book help you to tailor the book to your needs. An exclusive CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper work.

The Angel Experience, by Hazel Raven (Godsfield Press Ltd.), $14.99, 256 pages,
This book provides a personalized, practical and direct experience of the profound healing that can be yours when you connect with your angels. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Angel Experience is more like a personal tutor, leading you through key ideas and concepts via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals. Interactive exercises of this book help you to tailor the book to your needs. An exclusive CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper work.

The Meditation Experience, by Madonna Gauding (Godsfield Press Ltd.), $14.99, 256 pages,
Practiced throughout the world and within many different religions, meditation has long been a pathway to spiritual harmony and enlightenment. This fascinating book provides you with a personalized, practical and direct experience of meditation, and demonstrates the powerful healing that can be achieved by mastering this art. The Meditation Experience is more like a personal tutor, explaining how to meditate and access the benefits it offers including stress reduction, greater awareness and spiritual development. Interactive exercises of this book help you to tailor the book to your needs. An exclusive CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper work.

* * *

The Divine Life of Animals: One Man’s Quest to Discover Whether the Souls of Animals Live On, by Ptolemy Tompkins (Crown), $22.99, 256 pages,
A journey through 20,000 years of history and myth in search of the answer to a single question: Do animals have souls? Anyone who has ever mourned the loss of a cherished pet has wondered about the animal soul. Do animals survive the death of the body, or are they doomed to disappear completely when they leave this world behind? Both scientists and religious authorities have long scoffed at the idea of animals in heaven. Yet the question endures. In this wise, immensely readable book, Ptolemy Tompkins embarks on a quest for the answer – taking us on a top-speed tour of the history of the animal soul. Equally at home with mainstream and alternative spiritual philosophies, Tompkins takes us from the savannas of Africa to the earth’s first cities to the early days of the great faith traditions of both East and West. Along the way, he shows that, despite what many of us have been taught, the world’s various spiritual traditions all have profoundly meaningful things to say about the animal soul, if we simply know where to look. The Divine Life of Animals offers a compelling and timeless vision of the relationship between humans and animals that will have you looking at the animals in your life with new eyes.

Healing, by David Elliott (Hawk Press), $18, 288 pages, available as a free PDF download at
What if you could heal yourself of any illness, addiction or chronic condition? How much freedom would you experience if you were not dependent on health care? How empowered would you feel if you had the keys to healing, not only on the physical level, but on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well? Healing, the second book by healer and author David Elliott, is a comprehensive and thorough exploration of the limitless potential within you to discover the healing you have been searching for. David Elliott’s unique understanding of energy helps him guide clients, students and trained healers past their fears so they may discover their own inner ability to heal. His simple message of self-love and exchange has allowed thousands from around the world to derive life-changing benefits from the teachings of this formerly reluctant healer.

I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, by Howard Falco (Tarcher/Penguin), $15.95, 352 pages,
At age 35, former investment banker Howard Falco found himself asking the fundamental question, “Who am I?” In his illuminating new work, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, Falco reveals how a sudden and dramatic shift in his awareness helped him discover answers to the existential questions that we all encounter. Insightful and highly readable, I AM takes readers on a life-changing journey where they will discover that the doorway to eternal peace, happiness and fulfillment lies in a complete understanding of the self. I AM helps readers realize that they have the power to create the existence that they have always wanted.

The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth, by Mark Fisher (New World Library), $13.95, 144 pages,
Do those who succeed work harder than those who only dream about success? Are they smarter, luckier, more ruthless? And does financial success bring happiness? These perennial questions are perhaps more timely than ever. The Instant Millionaire answers them in the unforgettable voice of a very wise and wealthy old man. Known as the “Instant Millionaire” because he grasped the true secret of making a fortune overnight, this sage mentors a young man with frustrated dreams and nine-to-five disappointments. In practical, ready-to-implement lessons, he reveals the ideas and actions that can give anyone the mentality of a millionaire. This simple, yet powerful, mental shift paves the way not only for financial success but also for profound personal fulfillment and well-being.

Knock and the Door Will Open: 6 Keys to Mastering the Art of Living, by Jeffrey A. Wands (Atria), $18, 224 pages,
Embark on a wondrous journey of discovery and harness the power within. The author believes that each of us is a giant treasure chest waiting to be filled with the gifts that we’ve been given, but most of us have not summoned the courage to open ourselves up to discover our personal treasures. When you are brave enough, you can change your mind and change your life. Here, Jeffrey breaks the process down into six simple, easy-to-follow keys:

  1. Evaluate Yourself
  2. Gather Your Soul Mates
  3. Make Sure Your Home Is Your Castle
  4. Bring More Prosperity into Your Life
  5. Seek More Spiritual Strength
  6. Maintain Your Emotional and Physical Health

These six keys will allow you to dig deep inside, to look at every aspect of your life, and to achieve your greatest potential.

Notes from the Edge Times, by Daniel Pinchbeck (Tarcher/Penguin), $23.95, 208 pages,
Often referred to as a Timothy Leary for our current age, Daniel Pinchbeck is known for examining current issues from an intelligent and countercultural perspective. In his highly anticipated new book (release date October 14), Pinchbeck explores the “edge realms,” touching upon topics ranging from the financial collapse to our need for a new media paradigm to the meaning of 2012. In the process, he challenges readers to consider some pressing questions:

  • “[A]t a time when war has become a ‘permanent social relation,’ and the planet’s life support systems are in jeopardy,” can we really cut ourselves off from political and societal involvement?
  • Does our monetary system require a fundamental redesign?
  • How can the millions of us who currently practice disciplines such as Buddhism, Yoga and Shamanism apply our spiritual ideals in a spiritual movement?
  • Can we overcome deeply ingrained cultural stereotypes to spark a new sexual revolution defined by self-awareness and acceptance?

Pope Annalisa: Book One of the First Souls Trilogy, a novel by Peter Canova (Trimountaine Publishing), $26.95, 472 pages,
What forces were at work when the unthinkable became reality and an African nun was elected the first female pope? Amid conflicting prophecies of destruction and renewal she came. She is a healer, a miracle worker, a captivator of men’s souls. But when demonic-looking symbols begin appearing around the Vatican upon her arrival, were her enemies correct about her being the prophesied figure that would destroy the church and lead the world order to ruin? As the world nears nuclear holocaust, four people must race against time to learn her secret. As sinister hidden forces from within her own church and terrorism from without rear their heads, one thing becomes crystal clear – Pope Annalisa is at the very center of all the deadly plots within plots in a world where nothing is as it seems. And though it was a miracle for a woman to become pope, it will be a far greater miracle if she survives. Peter Canova has written a trilogy entitled The First Souls, concerning the first awakening of spirit into materiality in the form of human consciousness. Pope Annalisa is the first book of the series.

When Prayers Aren’t Answered: Opening the Heart and Quieting the Mind during Challenging Times, by John E. Welshons (New World Library), $14.95, 296 pages,
In the depths of grief, some find solace in their faith while others wonder why God has deserted them. In this gentle and wise guide, a beloved spiritual teacher counsels that prayer works – but not always in the ways we expect. Welshons, who has worked closely with Ram Dass, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, and Stephen Levine, confronts life’s most challenging experiences directly, acknowledging both the reality and inevitability of suffering. Then, with insights gathered from the world’s spiritual traditions, he demonstrates how to use painful circumstances as fuel for enlightenment. Welshons shares stories of transformation from his own life and the lives of those he has counseled. With the empathy of experience, he lights a path toward the communion, peace, and even joy possible not in spite of suffering, but through it.

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