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Richard Farmer, honorary president of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, will present three workshops in Minneapolis this month to share his inspiring understanding of the healing and spiritual nature that is at the heart of Tai Chi. He will present the work he calls “Soul Moves.” “That which allows us to live closer to our true nature, our soul’s nature, is a soul movement,” Farmer says. “It is about seeing that we are already that which we seek, rather than looking outside for others’ confirmation or being caught in external methods.”

Farmer has been a student and a teacher for more than 35 years and has studied with some of the leading Tai Chi teachers, but his number one teacher is the late Grand Master Chi Chiang Tao, president of the Taiwan Tai Chi Chuan Association and Senior Instructor. As well as the Eastern traditions, he has studied with more contemporary teachers like Richard Moss, Ram Dass, Douglas Harding and Emmanuel. He also works as a healer from his home in the UK. In addition, he has worked with many groups to bring the principles and the healing benefits of Tai Chi to many, including those with breast cancer, MS, Parkinson’s Disease and patients with brain injury and strokes. He is currently involved in developing training programs within the National Health Service of the UK to train others to teach these movements and principles.

His workshops, sponsored by Natural Step School of Tai Chi of Minneapolis [] will be at the Open Book Literary Arts Center, 1011 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis. Tickets are $55 for each event or $135 for all three. Spaces are limited and all places must be booked in advance by e-mailing Colin Snow at [email protected]. His workshops are:

  • September 28 from 7-9:30 p.m. – “The Eye of the Hurricane” – To learn, know and practice how to rest and find stillness in our daily personal lives is a great gift and a much sought after skill in modern, uncertain times. Richard will explore how you do this in an effective and simple way.
  • September 29 from 7-9:30 p.m. – “Live and Let Go” – The art of relaxation and the ability to let go of that which no longer serves our well-being is available to us in each and every moment. Richard will illuminate why practicing this skill is essential for personal growth and offer practical advice on how to release ourselves from negative conditioning.
  • October 1 from 7-9:30 p.m. – “The Healing Heart” – When the heart of you is present, all is well. But most of us have forgotten who we really are and what is truly important. Richard will help you to refocus your energy towards remembering the nature of your true self and live through all aspects of life wholeheartedly.

During these three evenings, Richard will share with you the fruition from 35 years of investigation into what really helps us to live life authentically. With his humor and wisdom, Richard will share the essential spiritual teachings of Tai Chi that allow us to be truly free, happy and fulfilled. These talks are open to anyone with or without experience of Tai Chi. For more information on Richard Farmer, visit and

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  1. This sounds really great. I would love to attend these talks and the workshops you are offering. I feel I could learn those things from you that I feel are the most essential ones. I have come to realize lately that relaxing is the most important thing to do and that it sounds so easy but is not. How to surrender if not in a relaxed state, and how to love if you are not in the openness that the relaxed state brings?? Maybe you will come to grace us in Egypt one day. All the best Richard!


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