Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart


Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart (Atria Books/Beyond Words)

Sleep wasn’t coming easily tonight. Getting appropriate rest on a firm bench in a hospital room was always a challenge. The room was sterile and cool with bright light and noise filtering in from the nurse’s station just outside our door.

My young daughter, Raegan Aria, lay motionless a few feet away, connected to numerous monitors and machines. We had been there for weeks, recovering from surgery to place a stomach tube. It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Raegan wasn’t doing well. Her brilliant smile and joyful laugh had been absent for days now. The doctors just kept repeating that special needs children are at greater risk for complications when undergoing medical procedures and she would take longer to recover.

You see, Raegan had been born with a rare brain malformation three years earlier, leaving her without the ability to walk, talk or develop normally. Although her initial prognosis and life expectancy were quite grim, this beautiful, angelic child had been thriving, despite her many physical and developmental limitations.

Things just didn’t seem right to me. I understood what I was being told by the medical team, yet I just kept feeling as if something was being missed. My pleas for more tests were met with condescending remarks about over-reactive parents, and I was advised not to question the wisdom and experience of a gifted surgeon.

As I sat there in the dark, physically and emotionally exhausted, the phrase “It’s growing” popped into my mind.

“What’s growing?” I asked out loud.

“In my throat, Mommy.”

I leaped from my position on the bench to my daughter’s side and said to her in a teary voice, “Are you trying to tell me something, Angel Baby?”

A resounding, “Yes,” was the reply that flooded my body. She remained sleeping with no physical indication that she was communicating with me. I knew it was Raegan, as we had similar moments at other points earlier in her young life. I didn’t know how she was doing it, however I decided at that moment and believed with all my heart it was the Truth she was conveying. I would press for immediate medical intervention.

Raegan was correct. A surgical stitch had been misplaced during her procedure and caused scar tissue to grow, blocking her esophagus and leaving her unable to swallow. This fact was confirmed by a simple test we insisted on being performed. She was required to have additional surgery to correct the problem. In fact, she had numerous procedures to try to reverse the harm done.

Throughout the many months she was hospitalized, Raegan continued to teach me how to use our hearts to talk. This unusual form of communication seemed especially acute during times of crisis and when we were both sleeping. At that point, I decided I would no longer make any decision regarding her care without checking in via our heart connection. It seemed to me, Raegan was operating from a higher place.

Where exactly was that place? Telepathy, channeling and heart communication are not typical topics when discussing care modalities for special needs children. Yet, as it was in our case, this “out of this world” information may be invaluable to a parent facing their child’s medical crisis. I was fortunate Raegan chose to share words, symbols and pictures in my mind’s eye to provide clues for fast action. Now I knew the phenomenon existed, still I was left with many questions. How is it done? Could it be expanded and implemented further? What was the science behind it? Is this something that could be taught? If I could utilize this heightened “mother’s intuition,” surely others must also be able to do the same.

My questioning mind and unique experience with my own child led me to dive head first into an unknown sea. I sought out other intuitive families and furthered my education, exploring scientific research and case studies on metaphysics, theology, psychic ability and energy medicine. Although I had known from a young age I was highly intuitive, here was an ideal opportunity to use the ability for something truly remarkable…enhancing communication for families. It was my belief this was a chance for children to greater express themselves and improve their quality of life in countless ways.

Like Raegan, a child reaching out would be heard by those listening with their heart. Training and education of this ability would empower parents to unlock their own potential in the healing energies, yielding growth and understanding of the miraculous power inherent in all of us.

Scientific research on energy medicine and intuition is expanding and gaining greater credibility in conventional circles. Compelling evidence suggests the brain and heart operate in conjunction – receiving, processing and decoding intuitive information. It is thought to be a complete body process in which many human systems are involved, and it further indicates how knowledge about future events emanate from an energy field.

This was the scientific evidence I was looking for to explain how my daughter and I communicate. It wasn’t fantasy. Our real, concrete experience had an energetic explanation. In basic terms, our energy fields were able to exchange information in an accurate, appropriate and timely manner because of our loving connection to one another. Raegan saved her own life by telling me what was wrong, and she did it by using her subtle energy system. My own sensitivity allowed me to hear her.

Scientific data is now beginning to substantiate experiences known to humankind for centuries. The discussion of telepathy can leave the genre of the supernatural and become an accepted method of communication. Imagine a future in which this natural ability is nurtured, developed and celebrated for the enrichment of all.

Through vibrant demonstration, Raegan has shown me how children intuitively draw upon their innate energy source and bring forth awareness to those willing to listen with a loving heart. This same source emanates through us as well, and can be firmly established into our consciousness by our thoughts, decisions and actions. Guidance comes to us openly and freely; it is we who must use energy expertise to decipher the message being delivered through our hearts.

Raegan is now 10 years old and flourishing. Although her chronic medical condition poses many challenges, it also gives us great opportunities for learning and growth. Our journey together has led me to develop an intuitive parenting program. Its mission is to empower parents to be an instrument of healing for their families by employing their intuitive hearts as a powerful tool. By opening their hearts to love, their minds to energy and being more receptive to the subtle clues of inner knowing, a caretaker can perceive, interpret, and act on information not accessible by other means. Life takes on a new dimension when feeling the glow of an intuitive heart.

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