One Digit to Wealth


On my weekly radio show “Get Real” ( I presented a program on prosperity. In advance, I announced that I would be doing on-the-air coaching for listeners who wanted help with issues of abundance. Since prosperity is so relevant for most people, I expected to receive lots of call-ins.

When the show began, I looked at my computer switchboard showing me who was calling in (called a “STAC”) and to my surprise, there were no calls. I announced the call-in number again, and after another five minutes, there were still no calls. I was amazed. Then I realized I was facing a fear that one day I would present a show and no one would call in. So I simply went on with my talk about prosperity principles, including the idea that prosperity may be right at your door, but you can keep it at bay with a tiny thought of lack.

The first 25-minute segment of the show went by without even one caller. Over that time I became more relaxed about no one calling, and I settled into what I felt was a good talk.

During the commercial break that followed, I commented to the engineer in the studio, “I guess there are no callers today.”

“Are you kidding?” he replied. “The switchboard was all lit up. Didn’t you see it?”

When we analyzed the situation, I realized that I had input the wrong URL code for the web page that showed the STAC. I refreshed the screen with the correct code, and there I found about 10 callers, some of whom had been waiting half an hour since the beginning of the show!

My error proved my point: A wealth of callers were there, but I missed them by one small digit! When I corrected that one digit, they all poured in, and we enjoyed a marvelous dialogue during the second segment of the show.

Likewise, there may be a wealth of money, love, health or the passion-filled career you desire, just waiting at your door, but you just have to make a slight adjustment in your mind to allow it in. Abraham-Hicks talks about “vibrational escrow,” describing the abundance of good things you have requested, but have not received because you believe that your wealth is not available, or you don’t deserve it, or others have taken it from you, or you have to struggle to get it. Each of these thoughts represents the one-digit difference between seeing an empty switchboard and finding one lit up with enthusiastic callers.

When I related my experience to a friend, he pointed out to me, “It’s interesting that you had a fear of doing a show with no callers. In a way, your fear of no callers created the experience of no callers. You expected that might happen, so when it looked like that was happening, you accepted it. Someone who expected callers might have communicated with the engineer after a few minutes, and the issue could have been rectified quickly.”

In a way, the whole scenario was perfect, because I got to face my fear and walk through it. I found a way to relax into giving a quality talk even if there were no callers. Several listeners reported that they enjoyed the segment of lecture without callers. Then the callers showed up, so ultimately we had the best of both worlds.

Imagine that you water your garden daily by means of a hose connected to a 10,000-gallon water tank. One day you open the hose nozzle and you notice just a few little drops of water trickling out. Immediately your mind goes to worry and lack. “The water ran out!” you exclaim, or “Someone diverted it.” You feel empty, poor and victimized. Then you look down and you see that you are standing on the hose.

Allowing prosperity may be summed up very simply: Get off your hose. The universe has created everything in ample, even extravagant supply for everyone, but not everyone is open and ready to accept the supply offered. While you cannot choose for others, you can choose for yourself. You do not have to create prosperity. All the prosperity there ever was or will be has already been created. You just have to let it in.

Such a momentous reception can be as simple as shifting one thought, or changing one digit on the URL of your consciousness. Take a moment to think about what you would most like, but have not been able to manifest. Now imagine that precise wealth, life partner, stimulating career, glorious home, or vibrant health is already available, just waiting for you to claim it. Further imagine that such a manifestation does not require struggle or sacrifice, but simply a tweak of your awareness from fear to love; lack to abundance; from worry to trust. Now you have your dial set to the station you would like to watch, and watch it you will.


  1. Own the fear Alan and the fear will own You!

    Does this not show you that fear without clarity is simply irrational and unfounded?
    But I believe that “The Energy” of fear found you vulnerable and so it settled into your energy and you then owned it until it was revealed to be an illusion!

    I AM


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