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Question: I’ve heard spiritual teachers and facilitators promote a practice for those on a path of spiritual growth and development that involves us realizing that we are “in the world, but not of it.” I would appreciate more clarity on these concepts.
Because the cycle during which our divinity was denied and our spiritual adulthood forestalled is ending, it is vital that we remain committed to not only occupying a perspective, but also behaving in a way that exemplifies that we are in the 3D Earth reality but not of it. In my experience, there are steps to take to achieve this that involve:

  1. Taking responsibility for our divinity by embracing and aligning with our identity as co-creative emanations of Source.
  2. Separating restrictive beliefs from the living truth; sifting through the beliefs we’ve embraced as truths, allowing for the possibility that some, if not many, of the truths we’ve been holding are now holding us.
  3. Exposing distortions currently being perpetuated in many secular and spiritual belief systems.
  4. Casting aside all outmoded notions and detaching from restricted beliefs that do not contribute to our destiny of transformation.
  5. Embodying the living truths we remember and recognize.

From the perspective these steps afford, we can continually release attachments to any form of blind submission to information that comes to us from external sources and rely more and more on our inner promptings. This leads us in the direction of remembering, reclaiming and embodying the living truth.

Truth is so powerful that it can re-organize every aspect of our being and qualitatively changes our lives. However, recognizing and reclaiming living truths, whether these emerge from within us or are presented to us by another, can have an effect similar to regaining one’s memory after a protracted period of amnesia.

Touchstone practices that take us to our sacred center (the center point of consciousness within us) can both assist us in overcoming the effects of amnesia, as well as fortify the establishment and maintenance of our spiritual adulthood platform. I refer to our sacred center as the Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber, because our hearts are the guardians of our intuition. Our intuition is our profound inner knowing, our instinctual inner acuity, and it is a permanent plug into truth, understanding, knowledge and wisdom that is hardwired from the heart through the soul to our Macrocosmic or Essence Self (aka/Higher Self or Oversoul). It is through intuition that our Macrocosmic Self speaks to us, with our soul functioning as a translator or interpretive bridge.

Furthermore, connecting with our intuition is the key to unlocking the truths encoded within us, and we effortlessly rouse and consciously connect with our intuitive knowing from this center point of consciousness. And these encoded truths are our Holy Grail. The more we remember, reclaim and embody these truths, the more we experience ourselves as being “in this 3D reality but not of it.”

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MariAngela Landau
Mariangela Pino Landau is a medium, mystic, metaphysical minister, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, poet and the author of Spiritual Adulthood®. Mariangela believes that authenticity is the highest spiritual principle and the cornerstone of our humanity and self-examination is the main ingredient of enlightenment. She is the founder of The Center for True North, LLC, an organization fostering spiritual freedom and authenticity, www.TheCenterforTrueNorth.com


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