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I have previously written about the end of Duality, how judgment creates perceptual splits within that system, and made observations about the nature of the New Living Field. The New Living Field is what I call the new matrix of consciousness into which we are now making the “shift of the ages.” This matrix is where Light and Life, the spiritual and the material, have merged into a unified field along with all other polarities.

I often say we are installing a new operating system. The implication is that differences exist between the old and the new, and like our experience with computers we may find that many changes are required in us to accommodate the new system. To continue this metaphor, our bodies are the hardware and the new matrix is the software, and both are being upgraded. The challenge for most of us is that no user manual exists for the new system, and some of us feel we are writing it as we go. In this case, the act of writing is literal – and I’d like to expand on one emerging feature of the New Living Field.

Last month I listed mutuality as a quality of the New Living Field. By mutual, I mean that energy always moves in ways that do not create imbalance. In Duality, we had numerous experiences where energy imbalances were created by non-mutual exchanges. We had winners and losers, and takers and givers. Once we became entranced with money as a substitute for Life, we concocted endless ways to manipulate people for its acquisition. As Duality breathes its final breath, we see maximum polarization in that old field and gain clarity about the mechanisms that have extracted energy from the body of humanity, and most of us are happy to be moving beyond such a life-diminishing experience.

Mutuality might be thought of as the outcome of perfect synchronicity. Consciousness within the New Living Field orchestrates the movement and interconnections of all parties to the synchronicity. The field has been created to fulfill the authentic soul or heart desires of all participants, and to do so seamlessly and without effort. This quality of orchestration is why most of the training about using the mind to direct energy is now irrelevant. In the New Field there is no hierarchy, no necessary manipulation of energy and no dominance of mind.

A personal experience illustrates the gifts of mutuality in action. Last spring my partner Michele and I decided to buy a house after renting for several years. Our lease would end in August, so we began a search by monitoring MLS listings for anything of interest. We had our list of desired home features, including distance from work, price points and certain geographic boundaries. Months went by in frustration as we found nothing that seemed to fit.

Finally, at a recent dental appointment the hygienist asked Michele what was new, and she explained we were looking for a house. Suddenly, a sequence of events went into motion as the hygienist spoke of a very nice home near her own, and very motivated sellers being relocated out of state. We were unexpectedly led to a home perfect for us in an area we weren’t looking and at a price that had fallen from a number we wouldn’t have considered. The sellers were thrilled to get buyers who would love the home as they had, and the closing date matched up with the end of our lease.

Then, our landlady asked me to show the rental home to a person who not only was perfect for the house, but who needed furniture and bought everything we didn’t want to take with us. I could write pages about what aligned in this process, but I can only say that the numbers of mutually supportive events were profound. In the end, we were delayed in buying a home until perfect timing arranged a 15 percent drop in price, a reduced interest rate and a series of personal connections that were surprisingly satisfying as well.

Everybody involved received an experience beyond what they were expecting, which is a hallmark of mutuality in the New Living Field. You do have to initiate the process of engaging what you wish to create, but if you can relax beyond expectation, you will receive beyond imagined limitation. Whatever the struggle to release from Duality, I promise you it’s worth the effort.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (, and can be contacted at [email protected].


  1. Again you have simplified a concept that many have found confuseing, especially after all the years of being taught to use the mind to create. Brovo, Chris ! Love your articles. Mary B

  2. I would like to interject a thought here Chris.

    It is not really the end of duality.
    But rather the end of duality as we have known it and as it has polarized in all the ways that could and has been able to with the old energy.

    But the new energy as it emerges is simply transforming duality into a more enjoyable experience for all.

    Will it be recognizeable as the energy of duality?
    Probably not by most, but duality can be as simple as now you feel it, and now you don’t.

    I AM!


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