Earthbound spirits in the Real World


As a Medium, I am constantly bombarded with spirits wanting attention – especially those who have not crossed over. Most people call them ghosts. I classify them as an earthbound spirits.

The first time people hear that you’re a medium, they automatically think that you only talk to ghosts. I think it is slightly humorous but, in truth, not everyone works with that energy. Earthbound spirits usually carry heavier energy, because they have not crossed over and cleansed themselves of all of their material baggage. Much of the time they tend to hang around because they may have unfinished business or are just too attached to their personal property.

There are others, though, who just stay to be nosy, kind of like Gladys Kravitz, Samantha’s neighbor on Bewitched. But don’t worry about them looking at you in the bathroom. All they see is the energy we carry, not our physical bodies.

I hear many people say that they think their house is haunted. I ask what is going on that makes them think that. Most of the time, it’s because lights go on and off, they feel cold drafts, or feel as though someone is watching them.

I then ask people if they think their home is haunted. More than half the time they say yes, and they are right. The easiest way to determine if you actually have a haunting is by using your intuition. Some people tell me that they know they have an earthbound spirit in their home, but they don’t mind it. It may be a relative or a past owner of a residence. Some people don’t mind living with them. My philosophy, however, is to get them to the other side. Keeping them here only drains us of our energy, and it’s not a healthy relationship for either the person living or the earthbound spirit.

If you want to stay in contact, you can still have a healthy relationship with them once they cross over. In fact, you may even notice a stronger connection with them, as both their energy and your own is renewed a bit.

How do you cross them over? It’s actually very simple. Usually I just ask Archangel Michael and Raphael to help them over. Sometimes I just let them know that if they find a funeral home, they should be able to find a door to the other side. Spirits often cross over after their funeral so they can see everyone before they leave.

A great way to help them cross over is to visualize a door opening up to a beautiful bright white or golden light. I often use this in conjunction with angelic assistance when I go into a home with many earthbound spirits.

Earthbounds are not here to hurt you. Believe me, you would know if they were. Try having a conversation with them. Hold one of them in your mind. Ask them why they are here. Odds are, they just want to tell you their story.

There are negative earthbound spirits, just as there are negative living beings. I won’t sugarcoat it. They are out there. There are some that you wouldn’t invite into your home, but they can be easily avoided. I have found that the ones that are truly mean either were that way in life or got caught up in negative energy after death and have taken it on. They usually hang out in places where emotions are strong, places where there are a lot of people, like in shopping malls, movie theaters and bars. This gives them more energy.

The easiest way to avoid them is to stay away from such places. If that doesn’t bother you, just surround yourself with the white light, call in your angels for protection and you’ll be just fine.

Earthbound spirits are just like anyone else. You just have to know how to work with them.

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Troy Schmit
Troy Schmit is a Professional Psychic Medium and inspirational speaker out of Fargo, ND. He works along side spirit to deliver messages of hope and inspiration. His goal in life to to help others reconnect with spirit and live a spirit inspired life. See his web site for more info at


  1. i am agree what you have said!!
    can you please tell me about that why the spirits live-on any human body??
    and how could we stay away from them

  2. I need to talk to the medium who wrote the article above Troy Schmit. I have earthbound spirits in my apartment now.. Please
    Please contact me asap at 1-310-406-9681. I think one of them is my mom, Please help me help them. Thank You .. God Bless

  3. Hello,

    I am reaching out to you because I was looking up information online about the existence of spirits. In September I was with my cat of 17 years while she was euthanized. Ever since then I have been stressing myself out about life and death. I am becoming depressed and tonight I almost threw up because I am feeling so scared.

    I do not necessarily want to contact a spirit but if they do exist there are some I would want to connect with if that makes sense

    You may receive a lot of emails but I hope you get this and perhaps get some help.

    Thank you for your time,


  4. Hi i have at least two spirirs that are attached to me they can read my thoughts and even make my limbs move in the way that i can but mostly they touch me or knock on walls or pat the setee but this and other things always happens when im sleepy or asleep so i was told by a medium over the phone that im psychic in some way she said shed come and see me but didnt turn up i think she’s a little greedy and once finding put she couldnt do a clearing charged at 30 pounds she wasnt interested in helping.Anyway these spirits need to move on as they have possessed my mind and body and i need to know how i can get them to leave can u advise please.Ican tell u the full story if like it involves mischevious but sometimes just wanting to contact me but mainly i get the feeling of them wanting to mess me around im desperate for help to get them to move on please help


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