The Ghost and the Gloves


One of the services I offer in my healing practice is what I call a House Warming. I go to the homes of people and clear the energy using herbs, drumming and chants. People ask for this when they have moved into a new space or to clear negative energies from their current space.

One of my friends contacted me to come and clear the energy in her parents’ home. Her father had died recently in the home (her mother passed a few years before) and she and her sisters were trying to get the house sold. It had been on the market for quite a while and they were feeling the financial burden of carrying that mortgage. She hoped a House Warming would open the energy up for a new family to move into the home.

When I entered the home, I felt immediately that her father’s spirit had not left the home yet. With no knowledge of where in the home he had died, I walked directly to the spot and told her I could still feel him there. I am not clairvoyant, so I don’t “see dead people,” but I am clairaudient and clairsentient, so I can hear and sense them when I open up to it. My friend had some things to do in the garage, so she left and I began to communicate with her father’s spirit.

In life he had been an alcoholic, and I knew that had been the cause of his death. I first asked him if he was aware that he was no longer in his body, that it had died. He wasn’t terribly clear on that at first. But he was clear that this was his home and he wasn’t leaving.

I lit the sage and started to smudge the house, and I could feel his resistance to me doing that. I told him that I was clearing the home so his daughters could sell it. That they really couldn’t keep paying for it and had to have it sold. Even though I could still feel his confusion and resistance, he softened a bit at that. I continued to tell him how his daughters loved and missed him, but that they had to do this.

He finally understood and said he would leave. He walked with me around the house as I smudged and then drummed. When it came time to finish, I asked if he was ready to go. He said, “No, not yet.” He wanted to walk with me around the yard, as well. He was an avid gardener and very proud of his yard. As we walked, he told me about the plants and the composting and all the landscaping.

We finally ended up on a bench in the garden on the hill. I sat down and asked if he was ready to go now. He had me see a pair of gloves lying in the garden. They were his and had been there since he died. He asked If I would have his daughter bury them under the bench. I said, “Of course,” and then he left.

I went into the house and found my friend. I told her what her father and I talked about and did. When I told her about the bench and the gloves, she burst into tears. She told me that was his favorite spot in the whole yard and that years ago, when her mother passed, her father had buried an article of her clothing in her favorite flower bed as a remembrance. She thought it was perfectly fitting that his gardening gloves should be buried there.

My friend and I both felt very happy and light after this experience – and best of all, the house sold in a matter of weeks.

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