Pleiadian Self Healing Prophecy


The Pleiadians speak of the “Self-Healing Prophecy” and their role of anchoring this energy onto this planet at this time. They speak of the importance of this energy in terms of how it can assist us as human beings at this time in our self-resurrection. How it allows a grace period to open up so that we can begin to accelerate in our own self-realization process.

The energy of this Prophecy was always going to be anchored at this time on your planet. Its timing is perfectly aligned to assist you in adjusting to the energetic transition that is taking place here on your planet. We, the Pleiadians, have our part to play in anchoring the many levels of this awakening energy. Understand that there are many dimensional layers to the Prophecy’s energies, and these new levels will be anchored as you are ready to receive them. They will be transmitted onto the earth plane in different levels, as you are ready to receive them.

The Prophecy’s energies are for you individually, and also for the Collective Consciousness of your planet. This energy from the Prophecy is a gift that has been given to all of you human beings to assist you in an accelerated awakening of remembering the Truth of yourselves. It is designed to take you into a state of “remembering.” Remembering who you are in your spiritual self and your place within the Collective Consciousness in the Universal realms.

The Self-Healing Prophecy energy is going to help you move into a deeper alignment to your Self, your connection to the higher aspects of you. This means that the Prophecy energies are going to activate a lifting of the veils that have been on this planet for lifetimes. With the lifting of the veils, you will be able to awaken on a spiritual level, at an accelerated rate. It will bring you into a new alignment with all life force within the universe. This will bring you into an experience of Oneness with all things, and you will begin to remember your place within the Oneness.

How is the Prophecy’s energy designed to assist you in achieving what you came here to do in this lifetime? How can it help you now in your life? Let’s talk about the energy of this Prophecy and how it is meant to work within your community and within you as an individual. One of the main roles of the Self-Healing Prophecy is to help end separation on this Earth plane. With this energy bringing your awareness back to a direct experience with Oneness, you can consciously live the experience of Oneness here on this Earth plane, with each other and all living things.

Healing of the separation begins with individuals, first ending the separation within themselves. As an individual you are now being asked to look within yourself, and open to all the personal judgments that you have towards yourself. The separating factors that keep your heart closed and don’t allow you to receive and flourish. This is a self-punishment through the judgments that you hold against yourself. These judgments cause emotional and physical pain inside of you. It is the time for you to turn back towards yourself, holding yourself with love; to just breathe and let go.

Hold yourself in love and compassion for this life that you have lived up to this point. You have done the best that you could in each moment. You have come here to this world to have all sorts of experiences. Mistakes are an important part of these experiences.

You will begin to understand the learning experiences you have received in living your story. I refer to your life as your “story,” because that is just what it is, a story that has brought you to all that you are in this moment. But there comes a time to let go of this story. You have all had a story. You have all had painful experiences to live out, and one person has not had more than another. Different experiences yes, but not more. This is the time for you to let go of your story and move forward, towards yourself, towards love and compassion for you.

Self-judgments get in the way of the self-loving principle. As you judge yourself, you automatically judge others, and the loving principal is closed down. Internal wars begin – energetic wars that close off the love even more – setting up walls, closing others out, and closing yourself out from the love. It’s time to break down the barriers so that you can receive the energies of the Self-Healing Prophecy, receive this gift of yourself, this gift of love.

Your first step is to celebrate yourself, for the life you have lived up to this point and turn towards yourself with love, holding your heart and breathing this in. Hold your life in your consciousness, just as you have lived it, and breathe. You have lived it in the way you needed to. As you turn towards yourself with love, celebrating all experiences in your life, you will begin to move out of separation of yourself and into a new alignment within your heart.

The Prophecy accelerates your ability to move into a new awareness of your role on this planet and the support that is here for you within the Universe. As you awaken to the truth of your alignment and place within this Universal Consciousness, you can open up to the unlimited aspects of Self that link you into a deep understanding and knowledge of your place within the whole.

As you open to this truth, the love creates openness towards all people in your world. Your heart will be able to transform itself with these new energies, and you will begin to work from your Sacred heart. Your compassionate heart will begin to transmit the love out. You will begin to feel a true connection to other people through your heart.

These heart connections are important. They are needed for the awakening of all human beings, for the soul connections, and the soul groups that will be coming together. The Prophecy energy is also designed for you to become more aligned with the Spiritual energies in a new way, with a deeper and more conscious connection, so you can work in partnership with Spirit and the energetic realms. The Spirit will help you realign yourself to your energetic blueprint, which you created for yourself before you came to his planet to live your life. It is your mission.

We, the Pleiadians, play an important role with you as you begin to work with this Self-Healing Prophecy energy. We commit to working with you as you navigate yourself on this journey, with your permission of course. We totally honor your individual process, and your right to create your journey as you need it to be for you, moment by moment, step by step.

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