A Personal Experience with Christine Day and the Pleiadians


The first time I encountered Christine Day was as a guest on my radio show in New Mexico. I host an independent GLBT radio show and periodically have on “spiritual folks.” Christine was bright, articulate and had a distinct point-of-view. She was open about her past and did not shy away from difficult questions. Her words charged me with energy.

I was so inspired that I became somewhat light headed. I was talking to a person who directly channeled wisdom from the Pleiadians and had inspired a new way of being for countless people around the world. It had been a long time since I had heard anything that moved me the way Christine did.

During the interview, she told me that she would be giving a three-day Pleiadian Seminar in Minneapolis at the end of July. Something inside of me knew that I had to attend. It had been years since I had taken a workshop and I knew that this was the time. The radio interview was in December and I would have to wait seven long months to find out more.

I arrived in Minneapolis early so I could rest up and be revitalized for the Event. I had purchased her book [Pleiadian Initiations of Light, 2010] and listened to the two CDs that were included. Each chapter builds upon the next, bringing me into a new understanding of myself, my ongoing situations, and feelings about my life. “The CDs build in energy, chapter by chapter, as the reader opens to the process. They have an unlimited amount of different experiences available on them, depending on where the reader is in the process. Each journey on every CD is unique, so there are new levels of initiation each time you listen.”

The seminar was filled with people. About a third of the attendees were men, which really surprised me. In the early days, there were very few men at any consciousness-raising events. The seminar started promptly at 9 a.m. and Christine was a firm lieutenant with instructions on how the seminar would work. The three days were filled with toning, experiential work and structured activities. There was time for questions and feedback. Overall, the event passed quickly, perhaps too quickly.

One of the more memorable experiential exercises was focused on letting go. Christine was filled with joy when she announced that she would be transmitting energy to us to help us let go. She suggested we let go of our daily woes, our fears and problems – all things that consume our energy. As she began toning and moving her arms, I felt like I was at a sporting event, someplace where whole sections of the crowd were doing “the wave.” Although Christine’s rendition of the wave was energetic, I could feel a sense of peace and envelopment by the warmth and energy of her work. She repeated the letting-go exercise several times, and with each successive repetition the energy and release became more pronounced. I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

Sound is also an integral part of Christine’s work. Toning and other sacred sounds filled the room. It is an amazing experience to be a part of a group whose intention is to harmonize feelings. By day three, the sound was vibrant, alive and transformational.

Christine was always available and “hands on” with her participants. During breaks, or at lunch, Christine would always be walking around and checking in with people. She is not the kind of person who hides out or surrounds herself with an elite few. She did have five assistants, who accomplished tasks as simple as getting a microphone to a person with a question or as difficult as supporting someone through an exercise.

Christine teaches all over the world. Sometimes she draws crowds as large as 5,000 people who attend her events or transmissions. The three-day Pleiadian event is just one of her offerings and has no prerequisites, and you may meet people who have studied with Christine for years. Her work is layered, so the novice gains a level of understanding and integration not found with other people’s work.

Two things really stand out from my own personal experience with the Pleiadian workshop. First, I greatly reinforced my feelings for and respect of the third-dimensional world that we live in. Simple things like getting up and seeing the clouds or the morning sky are a tremendous gift for me, and my experience at the workshop somehow enhanced that. Secondly, it helped me open up and trust. I am ready for whatever is next in my life; albeit richer or poorer, sickness or health.

I am opening my heart and making myself available for the human experience, the Angelic experience and the Pleiadian experience, such as it is…all wonderful.

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