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In retrospect, I have found a congruent theme and archetype in my life: The “don.” Actually three in particular:

  • don Juan De Marco: The hopeless romantic that sees everything and everyone at their fullest potential and is in love with life and experience.
  • don Quixote: Dreams the impossible dream and sees the endless potential in all things and stands up against any and all wrong.
  • don Juan Matus: The Nagual that holds the space for change and personal power. One who is prepared to rule out all that stands between mankind and their deepest and truest connection with all that is and is not; absolute power.

I bring this up because it is surfacing as inherence within me and others. Something is coming, and almost like Robin Hood, I am seeing to it. Yes, our riches – our creativity, kindness, awareness, sensitivity, instinct, intuition, depth, connections – have been stolen from us. So, I am so bold so as to herald and assist this shift back into it. All of it.

I want to first congratulate my religious, spiritual and new age predecessors, so to speak. You did what you believed was right, but alas, it is now not about belief. That reliance must be released so that we can truly see.

How things are
As universal beings with immensely powerful thoughts, we must realize how this is set up. Notice all around you in nature that everything comes into existence with all that it needs, and all else is directly accessible. There is no hoping, wishing, praying, faith, belief; it all just is. If we realize this, we will be released from the trap of neediness; for all that we need is within us.

We were taught that the things that we need have to be attracted and manifested; these ideas perpetuate an arrested development. If you simply do, and listen to what you feel, all that you need and all paths thereof are revealed.

We must break the bonds of religious, spiritual and new age slavery, for this era was our infancy. Many of the religious, spiritual and new age leaders didn’t know any better. They were just reciting what they heard and believed. But there is a very interesting phenomenon with humans: We don’t really think things through.

A perfect example is the Japanese martial art Karate. I have studied martial arts since the age of 5…really studied it along with dance, gymnastics, track, fencing, and many arts that deal with the mechanics of the body. We’ve all heard of the classic Karate punch and stance, but did you know they are extremely ineffective in any situation other than a staged dojo situation? You can easily break your arm, and many people do, but very few think about this.

Don’t even let me get into the ridiculous stories that we take as truth relative to our origin…absolutely absurd, the lot of them, including the myriad of things we are told to believe about reality – creation myths, god in the sky, laws of attraction, etc.

The point that I am making is that things are what they are without our stories about them.

In the feeling
The beauty of the thing is in the seeing and the feeling and what is beneath, not in the believing. We have lost the apparent texture of knowing and the exquisite nature of the very functionality within nature. There is no excuse or purpose to that which is. No one created it. The “don” says embrace this for what it is and see the beauty, magic, and power within it. We need to cultivate the individual like an exquisite unique flower that will yield the most beautiful things and give credit where credit is due…You! The individual!

I have grown tired of hearing that we are this or we are that in these weird, organized collectives of Stepford Steeple People wanting to belong.

I want to hear your individual voice, your individual song.

Another archetype of The “don” is a type of “boss,” a subversive leader hidden away controlling a particular area with a syndicate. I want to be the don of Nothing. I’d have No One following me. I’d control Nobody. I’d have Nowhere to go and Nothing to do.

They’d ask me, “What do we need to do?”

I would answer…(Nothing).

They’d ask, “Well then, what kind of boss are you?”

I’d say, “Not the boss of you – you do you!”

Do it for yourself. Be on your own. Don’t follow anyone. Follow your passion. Don’t wait for approval. Take responsibility. Be accountable. Take action. Avoid social control. Don’t follow the masses.

You get my drift. There is a “You” waiting to be born. What are you waiting for?


  1. Thank you. I’ve been studying with Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the theme is…We have to find what is unique within ourselves, our essence, so that we can bring it to this world and create the next stage of human evolution to become Universal Beings. We are part of something so much bigger. It is programmed in us. The egoic existence as Human Beings that has shaped our present, has turned off our self awareness. We must discover our heart’s desire to connect us to the magic of our Being and knowing what to do.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Peggy…This is our time and if we do this right it is an opportunity to effectively occupy the inner and outer universe. The inclination, message, and unique piece of the puzzle is truly within us and all we have to do is express it and we will blossom like anything else in the universe that expresses it truth/magic! Thank you for your comments…..really! HZ


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