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My column did not appear in last month’s issue of The Edge. ‘Ja miss me? Instead of writing I was busy painting and organizing furniture in my new home, the story of which appeared in the September issue as an example of Mutuality in the New Living Field. After painting the living room five times (no, not a typo) to get the color just so, I am finally free to tackle what’s next.

People complain about packing when contemplating a move, but preparation of the new space and unpacking are the major tasks, in my view. I’m definitely glad to be over the hump, so to speak. And, the New Field continues to surprise, as a recent hail storm triggered insurance to fund needed roof repairs and other projects. Guess I can stop wondering how I was going to pay for that.

The New Living Field is the name I use for the structure of consciousness we are shifting into as Duality disappears. For clarity, I use the term Duality to describe a framework of consciousness that splinters awareness into perceptions of separation. Duality, as I use the term, is distinct from the spiritual or philosophical doctrine of dualism. Dualism, to me, refers to a way the mind perceives the nature of existence, realizing that the perception of “dual” was formed from within the structure of Duality and its design of splitting and defining. It is the structure or matrix of Duality that I see dissolving. We are yet to find out if dualism survives, or any other isms we’ve created along the way.

In August I offered a list of seven emerging qualities of the New Living Field, described as best I can given our limited experience with this new reality and even greater limitation of words. Previously I expanded, or perhaps expounded, on Mutuality. This time I’ll take a whack at conscious creation and how this living field is responsive to the desires of Heart and Soul.

Conscious creation may be a familiar phrase, but when heard do you envision an act with purpose, or a self-aware existence? I’m guessing the former, given the popularity of books and seminars on manifestation. Thing is, many of those teachings are from the old story and focus on using the mind to direct energy. Also, the process is outcome-based, often with an agenda motivated by fear or lack. Instead, what if Conscious Creation is experienced as a state of Being rather than seen as a method of manipulation?

Do we really know the deepest desires of our hearts and souls? I suspect not. We may think about how we wish things would be in our lives, but in our present state the mind’s vision is clouded by beliefs and perceived limitations. Authentic heart essence and embodied Soul know deep clarity, and my sense is that we’ve barely begun opening to and receiving a level of fulfillment unlike any we’ve known. If we can’t really know what fulfillment is, then what’s the plan? The plan is to continue the process of personal transformation that leads out of the matrix of Duality and into the matrix of the New Living Field. We’re already in that process, although each person is at a different place in the sequence.

The New Living Field is the alchemy of Life and Light. Dualism would split Matter from Spirit, but there is no separation in the new matrix. We are individuated aspects within the whole, unified but simultaneously unique and sovereign. A paradox for the mind, perhaps, but you may have noticed that the need to understand or define is melting away as Duality dissolves. So, no problem. It is now the Field that orchestrates, and its design is to create fulfillment for the Creator within the Creation. That’d be you. And me. All of us coordinated in a stunning co-creation.

The more we transform and release our old stories, the more we step into greater authenticity and alignment with self. The more we choose alignment the higher our frequency goes and the more the field can “feel/read” us. The more we are read, the more fulfillment is delivered to us with ever decreasing effort on our part. We BE and feel our authentic experience and the field responds, bringing fulfilling experiences we didn’t know were possible while providing simultaneous fulfillment to others.

The future isn’t what it used to be, however you want to interpret that.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (www.lightsmith.com), and can be contacted at [email protected].


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