The Game of Life is Changing Before our Very Eyes


There’s nothing new I can tell you, perhaps only reminders of things you already know. You and I know more than we are aware, and still, we seem to know next to nothing in the great scheme of it all.

Sometimes I feel like we are all participants of a huge reality show called “Life on Earth.” The objective is to make it from the starting line to the finishing line, alive. The challenge is to overcome self-imposed obstacles [insert yours here] while at the same time surviving ones that the show’s producers throw in just to entertain the viewing audience [earthquakes and other natural disasters, the boss firing you unexpectedly, the bank taking away your home, a devastating car crash, diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, insert others here].

As children, we grow up not knowing we are part of a game, then we mature and become aware of the game. Most of us grow old accepting that the game’s just life. Some people, who were bitterly angry when they learned about the game, live out their lives growing more and more resentful.

Others cannot come to terms with the game, so they resist. They do everything they can to live outside of the rules, often finding themselves constantly on the run, trying to stay off the grid, undetected.

Surrender to the flow
And then you have the people who see the game for what it is. Instead of pushing themselves into survivor mode, they do just the opposite. They do nothing. They choose not to compete. They surrender to the flow. They are the Bartlebys of the world, the odd ducks who don’t try to fit in, scorned by everyone around them, misinterpreted as misfits.

In reality, they are as free as any being that has ever lived.

These ones, I am convinced, are the wayshowers. These fearless mystics navigate the darkness as well as the light, but they do not proselytize. They keep to themselves, speak only when spoken to, and have the ability to vanish when any outside intruder forces their hand.

I have known some of these mystics in this lifetime, and perhaps you have, too. Stay close and listen to what they say, more through their actions than their words. Be observant, for they move like the wind. They speak in riddles and verse, and they think in circles rather than straight lines. They attract followers like a bright light induces summer bugs to swarm in bliss, not aware of how close they are to flying into the sun.

Their message is always the same, these fearless mystics: Simplicity. No arcane formulas and charts to memorize. No grandiose vision outlined in thirty dusty, hardcover volumes. Just the simple truth.

We hear that and our attention wanes. We look to our left and we look to our right for the next big secret, the next big ticket, where the shiny book is not only spellbinding, but the movie is out of this world.

Game changer
What’s unique now, with the game growing old for souls who came onto the planet to bust up paradigms, is that people are intentionally stepping into uncharted waters. They not only are walking off the edge of the flat Earth, but they are returning to tell us something that has never been heard by so many people at the same time: The Game is Optional.

These 21st century pioneers are telling us that the incredible change we see all around us is mirroring the change taking place within us.

The chrysalis. The butterfly. Our evolution as a conscious process of creation.

The transformers, the wayshowers, have been whispering all along, quietly seeing and embracing and feeling a new field of energy that is shifting the way we operate as conscious beings. Now, more voices are coming forward to translate what it means to live outside of the game, where power lies within the individual. People are stepping into this field of energy and they are sharing ways in which they are  consciously creating their way forward.

And they are encouraging each of us to listen within for this impulse of metamorphosis. Do you feel it? Do you want to?

Of course, sometimes this talk of conscious creation appears to be theoretical, even mumbo jumbo. But one day soon, it will be a part of each of us, a silent upgrade enacted on our operating systems. No big announcement. Just a new way of being.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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