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Question: I have been feeling depressed lately. Can you speak about depression?
If you have been feeling depressed, it more than likely indicates that you have anger repressed within you. If you want to come out of the depression, you will have to learn how to express anger in a conscious and responsible way. You will have to liberate the energy of anger so that it is no longer repressed within you.

Whenever you feel angry, it is an indication that you are not getting what you want or you are putting up with what you don’t want. The belief that you cannot have what you want, or that you have to accept what you don’t want, often forms in early childhood, and it then affects the whole of your life. This unconscious belief is often accompanied by a subtle and constant feeling of anger. It is like an undercurrent in your life.

Anger is usually a response to feeling hurt. If you want to free yourself from depression, you will have to allow the feelings of anger and hurt to surface. You can clear lifetimes of anger in a few minutes if you hit the right note. It has nothing to do with catharsis. Then allow the hurt to surface. Have a good cry. You will feel much better afterwards.

To be in touch with feelings of anger and to allow the anger conscious and responsible expression is just as important a meditation as sitting quietly and watching the breath. It is impossible to remain present if you are carrying repressed feelings of anger and rage within you. Anger expressed consciously and responsibly leads to laughter. Anger repressed leads to illness, depression and even violence.

Right expression will clear depression.


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