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My first memory is of blue and green radiant, beautiful angels sitting on the floor beside me. My parents are worried. They fight about doctors and whether I will ever walk. My mother lifts me by the hands while my father holds my feet on the floor. In this way, I am standing. Wrong. Wrong. I know this is wrong. I cry because I cannot yet speak. The angels move in closer to me. They touch my legs with their glow and hold my fisted hands in theirs. Their billion crystals of glimmering light hug me. I want to lift my arms to them, to crawl into their laps, but I am dangling here between my mother and father, and cannot move. I hear my parents yell and I hear my baby voice cry. Rising slowly amidst, or inside, all the noise comes a silent certainty. Without tragedy or mistake, the angels somewhere in my chest say, “You will not walk this life.” I stop. I smile. I am not afraid or confused. I am to walk with the angels this life. How could it be that my parent’s don’t know? Nicole Roberts, Minneapolis

It never ceases to amaze me how simple life can actually be when we simply remember that we don’t have to do it all alone.  That we live in a world surrounded by throngs of angels who are standing by, waiting ever so patiently to help us, if only we would ask.  But oh no, most of us would rather put our nose to the grind stone and muddle through somehow; all the while remembering our upbringing by parents/grandparents, many of whom lived through the Great Depression, who told us, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” So, rather than even considering our options, we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and forge onward. Imagine instead the feeling of comfort you will have remembering you don’t have to face the world alone. Life with the support of the angels is simply easier to navigate. And as we move into the unknown of this current economic environment, imagine how beautiful it will be to know that you have “a little help from your celestial friends!” All one need do is peruse the news headlines to know that we currently live in rather tumultuous times. Which approach will you choose? – Lori Daniel Falk, Pewaukee, WI

All of us are living our lives here on earth, and we think of angels or an angel as someone or something that appears in our dreams, or a vision that we see fly past us, at strange times. To me an angel is someone that has come into your life to inspire, support or change your life profoundly. I have had many angels in my life, and each one of them has helped charter my life on a different path. Some have said only one sentence to me that changed my outlook on life, or inspired me to achieve my dreams. In my lifetime I have met these angels in all kinds of places: airports, on a crowded street, in my neighborhood, and at a club events. Funny how they surprise us at the most amazing times, when we need that little message to encourage, support or validate ourselves. If you become aware of your environment, and live life on a conscious level, then those angels will appear before your eyes, as one of the greatest gifts you can ever experience. We are all angels here on earth. – Anne Crawford, Franklin, MA

My experience with angels began in 2006, when I enrolled in the Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) class, which interfaces with The Angels of the Healing Ray. I was aware of Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, but did not have an inkling regarding the power or the purpose of this energy. As I experienced the full power of IET, I developed an intimate relationship with angels. I have heart connected and now channel guidance from angels for the purpose of moving humanity into its next level of empowerment beyond the illusion. Angel Ariel, the overseer of IET, has a powerful role to play as she supports, guides, uplifts and empowers those of us embodied as “the Earth Angels.” Her purpose as part of the heavenly body of angel energy is to continually nudge and urge us to choose the “dimension of love over the dimension of fear.” Ariel desires for humanity to know and feel that she can be called upon at any time, as we move through this ascension process. Choosing love over fear is our greatest tool both to maintain our sanity during these times of change and to transform with ease, grace and joy. – Bonny Kraus, Sedona, AZ, and Minneapolis

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