Edge magazine changes for 2011

“Everything flows, nothing stays still.” ~ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

I write to you now to tell you about some changes taking place here at The Edge in 2011.

It’s all about simplifying things. Beginning with the January edition, this publication will be simply Edge magazine, and our new website will simply be EdgeMagazine.net. [Don’t worry: For those of you who love us as SouloftheCities.net, we’ll redirect you immediately to the new site.]

Edge magazine intends to inspire you to expand beyond your beliefs, remind you to listen to the voice of your soul, and educate you on how to be well and in balance.

Edge magazine’s focus is Holistic Living. While “holistic” seemingly is the new buzzword for everything metaphysical, it’s actually a very old buzzword that tells us that everything is interconnected, that human beings are more than the sum of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that make us whole. The engineer fabricating new ways to create alternative energy is holistic. The artist who inspires us is holistic. The chef whose raison d’être is to cook with love is holistic.

Holistic living is vital now because it acts as the counterweight to the current lifestyle that celebrates the quick fix, expending as little effort (or integrity) as possible for the greatest gain.

Edge magazine will share articles on authenticity, empowerment, life-affirming health practices, eating natural food, sustaining balance in relationship with nature, the intuitive arts, creativity, the evolution of consciousness, and the unexplained.

To open up the magazine to a wider variety of holistic perspectives, I will be calling upon people in the Upper Midwest…and beyond… to share their inspiration, education and wisdom. Only one current column, “Star Wisdom” by DK Brainard, will continue. I’ve invited other current columnists to submit articles.

While there will be no general theme or topic each month, I encourage you now to begin writing your personal story about how you have come to create and maintain balance, authenticity and naturalness in your life. If you do that in your business, or in your healing practice, submit your story to Edge magazine. Give us bullet points on how we also can do that in our everyday lives.

Articles are to be 700 words or less. Attach a brief bio and your mailing address for my records. Email text or Word documents to me at editor@edgemagazine.net.

New sections of Edge magazine are these:

  • Edge Notions — We invite readers to write! Share no more than 200 words each month — your personal relationship, an experience that comes up for you — about a single word. In January, the word is “Angels.”
  • Edge Poetry — Share any form (haiku, sonnet, free verse, etc.) and convention — up to 40 lines in length — related to the focus of Edge magazine. Email poetry submissions specifically to poetry@edgemagazine.net.

Edge Talk Radio
Edge magazine is launching an expanded Blog Talk Radio program: Edge Talk Radio. On the first four Wednesdays of each month, at 6 p.m. Central, you will have the opportunity to call in to listen, or listen live online, to an extended holistic conversation over the soundwaves. You will be able to download Edge shows, put them on your iPod or mp3 player and take us wherever you go!

Edge Talk Radio is inspired by a valuable supporter, Cathryn Taylor, who in 2009 chose to dedicate one of her weekly Blog Talk Radio programs to content related to The Edge. Now, she will be overseeing four weekly programs for Edge magazine.

“When I first read about the new direction of the Edge,” Cathryn said, “I called Tim immediately and said, ‘I want to be involved.’ From that grew the idea to feature the Edge once a month on my weekly Blog Talk Radio show. It became my favorite show of the month. It took on a life of its own and now demands expansion. In January the Edge will be given its own voice.”

This is the monthly line-up of one-hour Edge programs:

  • First Wednesday (January 5) — Edge Astrology with DK Brainard. The astrology columnists will speak live to listeners about astrology and how it affects our lives. Take a peek into the future. Discover the larger patterns behind life’s ups and downs. Find out how you can flow with the energy of the weeks ahead. Bring the wisdom of the stars into your life.
  • Second Wednesday (January 12) — Edge Innerview with Cathryn Taylor. Cathryn will present a one-hour conversation with someone featured in Edge magazine.
  • Third Wednesday (January 19) — Edge Wisdom with a guest host. Edge magazine will select someone from the Upper Midwest to host the program on the third Wednesday of each month. The guest host will speak on a single topic related to holistic living, and perhaps other local or national experts in the field will call in for a conversation with our guest host. The Edge is committed to sharing wisdom, information and resources available in our community. This program gives contributors and advertisers of Edge magazine an opportunity to give voice to their gifts and talents.
  • Fourth Wednesday (January 26) — Edge Happenings with Cathy Jacobsen. The Edge’s co-publisher will highlight special events coming up in the next month by speaking live with those who are bringing events to the community. Edge Happenings will give you more insight into what to expect and why these events are meaningful in your everyday life.

Join our Email list online now as we’ll be sending out complete details…phone number and website address…on how you can listen to Edge Talk Radio. We also will announce those details in the January edition of Edge magazine.

Tune into the Edge’s Blog Talk Radio program at 5 p.m. Central on Wednesday, Dec. 8 [call 914.338.0821 or listen online at blogtalkradio.com/healthandharmonynetwork] as I will be joined by Cathy Jacobsen and Cathryn Taylor to discuss 2011 changes to Edge magazine and Edge Talk Radio!

A time of anticipation
Edge magazine anticipates that next year will offer tremendous opportunity for each one of us. As we become more connected, we also begin to move more into the flow of life and spontaneously create our lives in concert with our souls.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes, by Greek philosopher Heraclitus:

“The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny — it is the light that guides your way.”


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Bill. Our site is built for participation, so hopefully more people will respond to articles with comments and ideas that spur conversation among the community!


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