Curiosity Activates us in the World


Thinking about this topic – how to balance and maintain our energetic vibrations while they continue to rise as we begin to awaken more fully, I thought I would offer the usual remedies, such as meditation, deep breathing, bodywork. These remedies do serve this purpose, but here is something that might not come to mind when we think about balance during this time of great global shifts. Curiosity.

Right now, as I write, and for the past several days, I have been holding an intense energy. It feels almost aggressive and is difficult to manage. And perhaps this is the issue, when we feel an uncomfortable feeling we automatically try to manage it. But, what if we were curious about it instead. What might we learn?

Curiosity is somewhat of a lost art. What’s the need of it, really, when we have experts and media telling us how to think and what to do? This is one reason the need for curiosity right now is great: When we move into our curious nature, we become an active and aware participant within the world and ourselves. Being curious makes us open, and when we are open, we are in balance.

While feeling the intensity of my energy, I allowed myself to wonder what might ease it. I realized sitting at the computer trying to write wasn’t helping. I had a feeling speaking Italian might. I moved into the bedroom where I could sound foolish without the ears of my family, and began my first lesson in Italian. Allowing myself to be curious of what other possibilities exist in the moment is what made the opening for my first lesson in Italian to take place, and some ease of the intensity.

In every moment, there are infinite possibilities. Some of us who are sensitive are probably aware of many of them. It may seem overwhelming. When we sense the shifts happening on the planet right now, we may feel overwhelmed. The possibilities are endless. Some think this is the beginning of the end of days. Others believe our old structures are crumbling and new ones are being created. I tend to believe the latter.

We can move out of overwhelm by being curious. Here, we enter the philosophy of being in this world, but not being of this world. This allows us to keep a higher perspective, which will maintain our energetic vibrations. We will discover ways we can contribute to the creation of the New Earth. Adding to the greater vision on a daily basis is a sure remedy to keeping us in balance.

The beauty of this time is that those of us who have been open and aware of these shifts for some time are now being supported. This wasn’t always the case. Those of us who have been digging deep into our own souls, and trying to make a difference in the world, may have felt alone. In a sense we were, but only because there weren’t enough of us. But now there is. There are many more who are aligning and working toward the creation of a new world. This aligning helps us stay in balance, for we are supported, now more than ever.

As we move deeper into the shifts, let’s commit to allowing curiosity. Let’s stay active in our pursuits. Let’s grab those buried dreams and aspirations that have been hiding; waiting for just this moment. How can we help? What can we offer? Focusing on our offerings, staying curious and open for answers and guidance will keep your thoughts and energy exalted on high during these incredibly intense and exciting times.

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