Nothing is Wrong with You


There are so many questions, and answers, on how to raise your vibration to feel more in-tune with life, trying to heal or manifest something, or just to feel good. It feels like I’ve tried all the “how to’s” during the last 18 years. Right now, I just got back from a wonderful spiritual healing playshop and I can just tell my vibration is higher. How? I feel great.

Yet, as with any short term, high-vibrational experience, I know most people can find it difficult to hold onto or bring back that feeling or experience. Some people want to maintain that experience so they “pretend” that they are still there, whether it is In public or in the confines of their own mind, like the duck flowing smoothly across the water, yet paddling like a banshee under the surface.

The question isn’t, “How do I get there and stay?” it is, “How can I be there more often?”

The more often you can raise your vibration, the easier it is for it to become normal, to go there and stay there longer when life, memories or disappointments get in the way.

I’ve realized after trying so many things (they all worked to some degree or another) that the easiest ways to raise your vibration are the following:

1. Meditate – Yes, it takes practice, but it isn’t hard. Certainly not as hard as being in a state of mild to severe stress. It can change your whole world within just a few weeks. Just five minutes a day.

2. Heart Space – As often as you can, take a moment to drop down into your heart space. It’s not your physical heart. It’s that place you go when you think of something you love or what you love about what you love. You can do it any time, anywhere, in any circumstance. Think of something that brings a smile to your lips. Let it reside in the heart space area. Milk it for all you can and as often as you can. Now you are training yourself on how to raise your vibration without really “doing” something. The more you do this, the more often you’ll be there and stay there longer. Write a list and keep it with you of things you love so you don’t have to try to find those memories when you are stuck. It’s easy. Now you don’t have to pretend, because you really are in a loving, high-vibrational place.

3. Release Your Baggage – If you’ve been born, you’ve got baggage. All the blessed things that happened in your life helped you to become you. The more you release the disappointments of the past or fears of the future, the lighter and higher your vibration becomes automatically. Don’t think you have to go through years of therapy. It’s much easier and faster than you think.

4. Know that there is nothing wrong with you – Funny story. I was working with a client who was really in the depths of despair. Everything was going wrong and she felt unworthy of just about everything (in her mind). I usually let sessions be guided, because I know I don’t know everything and I’m OK with that. But this time, the angels tell me to have her say “There is nothing wrong with me. I’m just as f**!@d up as everyone else!”

Really? I couldn’t tell a client to say that. But they were insistent. So I did. At first, she just repeated (through her tears) the phrase with no emotion. Then I had her try a few more times, saying it loudly while gesturing with her arms. On the fourth try she got it. Her eyes and face lit up. With a smile she started repeating it over and over. It was like a veil had lifted.

The next morning, I received a call from the client, and in the most joyful voice she said, “Guess what, Kim? There is nothing wrong with me. I’m just as f**!@d up as everyone else!” Her life dramatically changed after that.

Write your version of this statement and put it where you’ll see it often. When you see it, declare it out loud several times. If you’re not laughing, give me a call.

There is something very powerful knowing you are not so different from everyone else. You are not alone. There’s a kinship between all of us, even if it is knowing that we all have challenges and it’s OK. Most of our vibration stays low because we think something is wrong with us or that we’re a victim of something or somebody. I invite you to realize that you were trained to be in a low vibration. That’s good, because now – with a “little” effort – you can train yourself to be in a higher vibration more often.

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Kim Eisen is a Life Breakthrough Success Coach and Experienced and Intuitive Master of EFT "Tapping." She has helped hundreds of clients to heal their emotional wounds and create a more abundant life since 1999. Kim is a co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, et al., in the book Wake Up: Live the Life you Love - Finding Personal Freedom. She is the creator of many programs and seminars like "Get Rid of My Stuff," "Transcend," "Attraction Today" and "Shortcut to Success." Get your Free "Easy EFT - Quick Start Guide" at Set up a free 15-minute chat with Kim at or call 612.802.4325.


  1. I love this, Kim! You always present your ideas so simply and clearly. Makes me think of this quote from Woody Allen’s film — I think it was “Manhattan Murder Mystery”: “There’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be cured with a polo mallet and some Prozac.” I know we’re all about holistic healing here, but that line just cracks me up and helps me get things in perspective every time.


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