On Time!

“Be here now.” Really? Has anyone ever stopped to think about this? By the time you even perceive “Now” it is the past! Then you may say “Be in the present time.” The very present is built on fragmented memories of the past and projections of the future. If anyone ever did find “Now,” they would soon realize that there isn’t anything there, because time is fleeting and so too are we, chasing after it and getting stuck in it!

Time is a necessary illusion, much like a language. They both illustrate deeper meaning and articulate experience through the texture of an assigned medium. Yet, it is important to understand that they are not the experience that they describe; they can be used to lead you deeper.

Time represents the expansion of experience – depth, breadth, endurance – yet, we get caught in it and associate ourselves, our lives and our very existence with it: birth, age, death, where you are, where you think that you should be, etc.

One of the functional applications of this illusion is synchronicity, that is, seeing, understanding and utilizing how and when things line up in your favor, within the field of time.

Then there is an aspect that very few are aware of, Sincronos (without time), or that which exists outside of time the framework of time. From a quantum perspective, most of what we experience as a human being is outside of time. Our time is based on the time it takes light to reach earth from the sun, the revolution of the earth on its axis and the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun. These measurements are constantly in flux and there is so much that travels quicker that the speed of light. Thought is one of those things, and the fact is that the very framework of the universe, Nothingness, is not even affected by the illusion of space or time, because everything is made up of it.

Any altered state of consciousness – thought, sleep, listening to music, watching TV, talking, laughing, an accident – shifts not only our perception of time but, time itself. That is because these and other things take you outside of time, to a space where it doesn’t exist.

Then there is déjà vu, a phenomenon in which we get a glimpse of something seemingly in the future, yet, the moment that we see it, it becomes the past and is parlayed into our memory. Seemingly by surprise, as we approach the time when what we saw is about to happen, we get this feeling that it has happened already – and then the past, present and future, for a moment, are one.

My point is that time is not what we think it is or what we have been trained to experience it as. Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity. Time is relative all right – relative to how you perceive it and want to experience it. Time is not set!

I will share with you the art of Time Bending. I used to live in New York. If you have ever lived there or even visited, you know it is impossible to travel anywhere during certain times of the day. Travel time during rush hour can be two hours to get where you need to go. Fortunately, I knew where all the timed lights were, and I knew all of the shortcuts, connections and alternate routes. I also knew that being late or beholden to time was not an option.

I realized that the passage of time is affected by feeling, which creates an experiential field where time speeds up or slows down – and I mastered that field. I saw myself arriving on or before time. This also was a feeling, and no matter what the external world was saying, beyond a shadow of a doubt I would make it. I was certain of it!

I would energetically pull myself to the place and feel that pulling energy between me and wherever I needed to be. I would literally feel time slow down…minutes felt like hours. I created a perceptual field of effect stronger than the imposed reality, superimposing mine over it! My clients are masters at this, some even better than me!

Don’t get caught in what you’ve been told to believe or perceive. That holds you in place, in a reality that is not really set in place. Any illusion used effectively benefits the user, but getting caught in one seals your fate.

The past, present and future are happening all at the same time in a program called the mind.


  1. Trying is where we get into trouble…lol. I would never come to you and ask you to try to do an adjustment…you just do it. You already know how to shift time, the same way that you do with people, you realign it the way it is supposed to be. 😉


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