Awakening through Principles for Conscious Living


As Earth moves through these shifting times and we accelerate towards the year 2012, our lives are changing in many ways – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s important that we consciously find ways to clear, energize and raise our vibration so we can align with the new energies heading our way. At the OASIS Center for Conscious Living, our core teachings are found in the acronym used for the word OASIS representing: Oneness Awakening from Stillness, Inspiring Simplicity.

We also adhere to several practices to assist our ability to live fully, consciously and intentionally during this time of great transformation. The Seven Practices for Conscious Living as outlined on our website are community, self-care, spiritual devotion, energetic body, balance through nature, service and celebration (see more at

The first practice for conscious living is to become part of community. It is becoming increasingly important to gather and align with like-minded people. We will be needing all the more support from our spiritual family to truly assist with our awakening and free us from our ego and tribal-mind limited conditioning. We learn from the wisdom of others and begin to share our own. We begin to feel comfortable with our knowings instead of feeling like we are going crazy!

The second practice, self-care, is about maintaining our physical body. As our body’s health, light and radiance increases, we realize its holiness in serving as a channel for the creative energetic principle of the universe. Self-care involves consciously eating, cleansing, exercising and tending to any other practice that physically nourishes and strengthens our holy human vessel.

The third practice is spiritual devotion. Many spiritual teachers emphasize a devotion to cultivating stillness, such as through yoga and meditation. In stillness, we learn to easily flow through the storms of transformation and hear the voice of our inner self. We more easily connect to the channel that wants to manifest through us, as us.

The central practice, number four, is the energetic body. Your energetic body can be measured with a vibrational frequency that emanates from and within your body. It is your vital essence, your life force energy and eternal radiance. As we ascend through these times of transformation and old forms fall away, this energetic body “presence” within you becomes all the more vital.

This presence, or your energetic body, is the being that was an innocent child before the ego, with all of its cultural conditioning, conformity and control, masked this essence from your awareness. It has always been within you, and many experience this core Self as a result of some trauma that strips away the egoic structure. This could be from a near-death experience, a powerful “altered state” induced by breathwork, or even from a great loss that leads to a journey through your “dark night of the soul.” Since all thoughts are energy, healing and strengthening the energy body is becoming very significant.

The fifth practice for conscious living is to seek balance through nature. When we become one with nature, we see the perfection in all things. We see the abundance of life, the ebb and flow cycles of the seasons, and the perfect communion between the elements, plants and animals. Earth provides all the nutrition and medicine we need. When we connect with nature, the central principles of Oneness, Stillness and Simplicity are cultivated within us.

The last two practices, service and celebration, are the natural outcome of the first five practices. As we come together in community, care for our body, devote to enhancing our inner divinity and energy bodies, and balance through nature, we are then ready to shine our beautiful light in service to the world. With the rebirth of our spiritual mindset, we freely become the channel to creatively express and embark on a mission of service that enlightens our world. With the overwhelming joy and gratitude we feel, we find ways to celebrate and honor our journey.

This is the spiritual inheritance we claim, bringing acceptance, appreciation and enthusiasm that we might celebrate our own rebirth and the birthing of a new earth!

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Lynn Koll and Louis Bourgeois
Lynn Koll and Louis Bourgeois are co-founders of the OASIS Center for Conscious Living. While initial programs and retreats take place in the eastern suburbs of St. Paul, future programs will be offered throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Learn more about the programs and join our mailing list at



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