Put Yourself First


Putting yourself first may seem selfish, but it’s actually one of the most selfless things we can do.

Until you have lavished upon yourself love, attention, kindness, sweetness, appreciation and rest, don’t bother lavishing anyone else with what you don’t have to offer them.

Before setting off on a flight, the flight attendant will inform all passengers that in case of an emergency, they should place their own oxygen masks on before assisting others. Why should we do that? Isn’t that a terribly selfish thing to do? After all, by not wasting time putting on your oxygen mask, you can assist other people immediately. And you should be able to help at least a dozen people before you run out of oxygen. But what if you spent the first thirty seconds in a flight emergency putting on your own mask? You won’t be able to reach other people immediately, but there’s a great chance you’ll be able to assist every person on the entire plane as well as save yourself. You would be a hero and you would live to tell about it.

Now, apply this analogy to your life. How often do you sacrifice your happiness to help someone else? What have you given up for the well-being of your family and friends? Do you resent giving those things up? Do you feel like it was your choice or did you feel pressured or obligated to do it?

Let go of whatever resentment you are holding and move into the present moment. What can you do today that will prove that you are number one to you?

People who make a daily commitment to yoga or meditation are doing a great thing for themselves and for every single person with whom they come in contact. They are taking time to get centered, grounded and focused. They are releasing their tension and stress. They are inhaling deeply and fully, bringing positive, healing energy into their bodies and exhaling toxins. They are taking a few moments to find peace and they can spread that peace to everyone they meet.

That is the result of taking time to honor yourself and put yourself first.

Think of how you feel after spending an hour in traffic or in an enormous crowd. Your anxiety level and blood pressure may rise and your breathing may shallow. Your nervous system is stimulated, making you feel unsettled and jittery.

Now think about how you feel when you do something you love and for which you have great passion. Thinking about this activity, or actually doing it, will reduce your stress level, calm your breathing and bring harmony to your body. Revel in that energy.

Your reactions to the events of your day are carried to all the people with whom you come in contact. This is why it’s necessary for us to put ourselves first. When we are happy, we can impart that happiness to others. Rather than bring anger and anxiety into the world, bring more peace and happiness to it by finding peace and happiness for yourself first.

To transcend into a place of self-reliance and effectiveness, and have the energy and resources to truly make a difference in the world around you, it is necessary that you make yourself a priority. By doing so, you will be able to listen more clearly to your intuition and move into a depth of power and certainty and usher others along with you.

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