Raising Vibrations


The best way to stay in balance as we integrate the higher frequencies that are coming on to the planet during these times is by being in the present moment as much as we can. This can be a daunting task, but by being conscious of the desire to stay in the moment you can create an internal awareness that will help you move back into the present moment when you begin to drift out of it.

Another key element that assists in integrating the higher frequencies is by spending time in nature. This element cannot be emphasized enough. The natural forces are the greatest of integrators and transformers. As our culture has become more industrialized, we have lost our connection to the natural world. There are many insights that can be gained by spending time outside walking, sitting and observing. Nature assists in keeping us present in the moment and the natural forces have ways of working with us that bypass the ego mind.

The water element brings fluidity and assists in movement. Water is important because the element hydrogen within the water molecule is used within our physical system. As our capacity to embody light increases, the hydrogen bonding capacity within our body increases; in fact, it requires more hydrogen for easier integration of the light frequencies. Drinking water is important, and drinking larger amounts of water during key activation dates, when you may be receiving energy attunements or when you feel tired and out of sorts, can help. Try increasing your water intake and spend time in water. Swimming and soaking in a bath also are great ways to bring greater balance and vitality. Even taking a shower can help. You will feel the difference.

Walking outside is another way to integrate the higher frequencies. Sometimes we get so much energy coming into our physical body that some of our energy centers are not open to receiving, or we are just overwhelmed with it. This can create sinus problems, dizziness and a variety of other conditions. Walking with consciousness and with the desire to allow the natural flow of energy to move through you into the earth helps you to anchor the energies within your self and also into the earth. Walk with the intent to let all challenges, difficulties and blocks to your “Full Expression of Being” move through you, through your feet and into the earth. The energies at sunrise and sunset have a unique quality. The meeting of many worlds and magic is in the air, and it is a great time to be outside.

The natural forces work with us all the time, but we just aren’t always aware of them. Start to notice how the weather changes at different times, getting unseasonably warm at various times during the cold weather season. This warmer weather gets people outside walking or playing. This helps integrate the energies that are coming onto the planet. I have been observing this for years.

Sometimes people have contracted on an unconscious level to help the earth integrate the higher frequency energies, and different periods are really taxing to the physical body. I am one of those people so affected. Just by noticing when you are extremely tired for no reason, or more sensitive to certain environments, or possibly having a harder time digesting some foods or even all foods. You can modify your behavior, get more rest, drink more water, get outside and eat more whole foods. This will help. The physical body takes time to integrate light frequencies, and you will feel tired – so honor that part of the journey.

One final suggestion: view the sunrise and sunset. The sun transmits codes and light frequencies. Sunrise and sunset are safe times to look directly at the sun. Receive with an open heart what is there for you. Know that the sun holds nourishment for you on many levels.

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