Sing HU to Tune In to a Higher Spiritual Awareness


Singing HU, an ancient name for God, has been practiced for thousands of years in one form or another for inner attunement. In the same way a musician can use a tuning fork to find the right pitch, the person singing HU tunes in to a higher spiritual awareness.

In most spiritual traditions, sound plays a part in uplifting the individual. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism have made use of sound in the form of hymns, chants and prayers to help open the heart and go beyond intellectual knowledge. Muslims, Sufis and Hindus chant or sing the holy names of God in their monasteries and temples around the world.

HU can be sung silently at work, home or any time you feel a need to tune in to a higher perspective on your life.

The world is going so fast, and the pace is so speeded up. You can call this the pace of karma. It means the interaction of people with people has been speeded up so greatly that we have to find some time to be quiet by ourselves.

This is the only way to make contact with the inner force, Divine Spirit, the Inner Master, or whatever you want to call this power.

There are different methods of quieting the outer senses and seeing what happens within. You can do this no matter what faith you are. You can do it with prayer if you like.

You can, for example, very quietly contemplate on the Lord’s Prayer. Or you can visualize a Master who is compatible with you. Someone you respect. You can look to Jesus, to one of the ECK Masters, or to a saint who means something to you.

The purpose of doing this is to establish trust and confidence before you go to that stillness within. Then you begin actively looking for the Light or listening for the Sound of God. There may be a number of different sounds you will hear, which is the Audible Life Stream, the Holy Spirit, vibrating at a certain speed at a certain level. Sometimes it sounds like whistles. It can sound like running water. It can sound like the swishing of a wire whipping through the air, or it can be music.

The Sound will have many different manifestations. What it’s doing is cleansing and uplifting you in your consciousness so you can have a broader understanding of the life you lead. And this is for your benefit, of course.

A woman I’ll call “Rita” and her family went through some extreme difficulties in their community.

Rita works in a very responsible position as a school president. When she took the job, she expected people to be ethical. But there were jealousies. Some people were jealous that she, a woman from outside the state, had been named president. Other people who had been at the institution for years thought they had earned the right to have that position instead of her. And they used threats against her property and things of this nature to frighten her and her family, to try to break down her will.

But when she went to work each day and faced these people who were threatening her and lying to her, she kept trusting in the ECK, Divine Spirit, and she sang HU.

She was trying to make the educational institution as ethical and outstanding as it could be. As the months passed, a lot of decay and corruption within the organization came to the surface. But because she sang HU and put her situation into the hands of Divine Spirit, she finally started gaining support. The community has slowly come forward to support her in her work.

HU, this name for God, can be very useful if you can remember to sing it at a time like this. It puts you back in line with the Holy Spirit.

If you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness – so that the political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while you’re living here – sing HU, the most beautiful prayer.

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Sri Harold Klemp is an award-winning author, teacher, and spiritual guide who helps truth seekers reach their full potential. He is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. His body of work includes more than one hundred books, which have been translated into eighteen languages and won multiple awards. Find your own path to true happiness, wisdom, and love in Sri Harold Klemp’s inspired writings. Visit and


  1. That was a great story of the school president. We all have our share of difficult people and circumstances and it all come down to using our natural gifts inline with higher awareness thinking to overcome life obstacles. Faith, belief with knowledge of the right tools, yield miracles.


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