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    My addiction-loving solitude began with my two-year experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire, Central Africa. Listening to the heat lift off the rain forest trees in total solitude, (away from all I knew and thought I knew), helped me to reflect both on my core strengths and my shadow side. Now at age 60, my solitary time is a treasure and one that helps me dream the world I want into being and make sure that I live out the value-led existence I desire. Since my days as a Peace Corps volunteer, I have found solitary time through meditation, walks in the woods, long drives and vision quest experiences. This time has led me to live out my dreams to become a teacher on the Indian reservation nearby and the owner on a lakeside healing center in NW Wisconsin. I seek out opportunities to reflect on both the action and inactions that I have taken with my loved ones and the world. Seeking to become the person I want to be requires solitary time. In short, my solitude is my catalyst to leading a value-driven life.

    — Maxine Mashek, The Lakehouse B&B Stone Lake, WI

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