The Forbidden Jesus


“Seek not to become a Christian. Seek to become a Christ.” – Gospel of Phillip

Is it faith or fear that drives a Christian to believe in a one-dimensional definition of Jesus? The fundamental belief is this: Jesus was born to die for our sins. If we don’t believe He is our only lord and savior, we are going to burn in hell for all eternity. Coupled with the one path to God theory (through Jesus) there is only one “Word of God,” the canonical Bible. Anything outside the Bible is forbidden if you are a faithful fundamental Christian.

I am an ordained Christian Minster and this message is not about denying a Christian’s right to “their” Jesus. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I believe all Christians have a right to “their” Jesus. We need to ask ourselves why it isn’t enough to believe in Jesus. Why do so many fundamental Christians believe their path is the only righteous path to Jesus and their God is the only real God?

Why are we so afraid to ask basic questions about the Bible, especially when it pertains to Jesus? Why are there only two gospels written by actual disciples in the Bible? Where are the rest? Why is one man, who never met Jesus, except through a “vision” after Jesus died, responsible for most of the writings in the Christian Bible? Where are the gospels representing the other ten disciples who actually knew Jesus, one of which was Jesus’ brother?!

It is not my desire to do battle with anyone who believes in their Bible. It is my mission to share the forbidden teachings of Jesus with those who no longer believe the religious rhetoric that has existed for over 1,700 years. If you choose to let the politics of the 3rd century dictate your belief systems, then that is your prerogative. If your faith is strong in your Jesus, and he is your ONLY Lord and savior, then you have found your path and you should stop reading.

The rest of this information is for those who want to know the “Forbidden Jesus.”

Jesus never published one word. There are no documents that he signed into law. He had nothing to do with organizing Christianity. His teachings were documented by several authors. Some didn’t know him. Most writings weren’t even published until 70 years after Jesus died. All of his teachings are interpretations by a human author with a human perspective and human agenda. Editing the “Word of God” has become commonplace for centuries, so it’s impossible to know who wrote what and/or why. Some material may be inspired and some may be slightly historically accurate, but no one really knows the truth about Jesus’ teachings except those who were actually there. It is up to us to choose what we want to believe. Period.

Thankfully, courageous people are finally questioning the authenticity and accuracy of the teachings attributed to Jesus. Thankfully, we live in a time when powerful new information is surfacing to give us options and choices. The “Forbidden Jesus” is breaking through the walls that have confined his truth for thousands of years.

In 1945, the discovery of The Gnostic Gospels, in Nag Hammadi Egypt, shook the very foundation of Christendom. A quote by Douglas E. Hardy sums up the discovery by stating: “It is as if He, Himself (Jesus), had planted this beneficent time bomb in the cave at Nag Hammadi, carefully setting the fuse, to delay its explosion till the world would be ready for the impact. Like it or not, believe it or not, it was another truth, a truth forbidden by orthodox Christianity.

There is a Jesus that didn’t die for our sins, a Jesus that doesn’t care what religion we are. There is a Jesus who came to this planet to teach us that we are divine! This Jesus does not judge by the color of our skin, the lifestyle we choose, or how we worship our God. This Jesus isn’t hanging on a cross waiting for us to feel shame as we claim responsibility for his death. This Jesus is breathing right next to you as you read forbidden material about the “Christ Light” being within all human kind. This Jesus holds you when you sleep, cradles you when you are in pain and patiently waits for you to ask for his guidance. The “Forbidden Jesus” doesn’t belong to any one religion. In fact, this “Forbidden Jesus” doesn’t even belong to Christians. He belongs to everyone.

There is a plethora of documents about the “Forbidden Jesus.” No one can tell you what is right. No one. Although there are dozens of authenticated documents in the Coptic museum in Egypt, they too are just another author’s version of Jesus’ life. The “Lost Gospels” are forbidden by orthodoxy even though many historians say they have as much validity as anything found in the canonical bible. As wonderful as it is to know the Gnostic Gospels and other historical texts exist, they too have their own their own slant, their own version, their own agenda. Only one person can guide you through the maze and help you find your Jesus. That person is you.

You aren’t alone in your pursuit to find your Jesus. Your soul knows which path is right for you and your soul hangs out with Jesus, regularly. The best way for you to get to know Jesus is to get to know your soul. Do whatever it takes to get quiet and listen to the voice of your soul. Your enlightened Self will guide you. You will not feel bond to a belief system forced on you. When you learn to listen to the voice of your soul, you will become empowered to choose your spiritual path and your Jesus…without fear. You will not question what is right, because your Jesus will be guiding your soul, which will be guiding you!

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  1. Truth is universal and absolute and always follows a path of logic. God is nothing if not logical, or God could not have designed, engineered and built God’s creation of this magnificent universe and us! We were created for a purpose and that is to become the type of person that can live in Paradise, an eternal community as family and friends. Universal truth is… that we all want to loved, liked and cared for! This is truth and follows a path of logic! We know this is truth because it hurts us when someone tells us or shows us something other than that. But when we do it to another, we cannot see it! When I tell you,” I care for you”… God smiles but when I tell you, “I don’t care for you”… which should be truth? Logic must prevail and not our beliefs which take us down the wrong path, following each other into oblivion!

    There are many beautiful divine messages in the bible from great prophets of ancient times, no doubt. However, why do you think Jesus was crucified? Could those in that time, not hear God telling them… “Do not kill my beloved Son?” Can we not hear God telling us, “Care for your brothers and sisters… do not hurt one of my beloved children?” Every man and woman is a “beloved child” of God’s just as Jesus was!!! But do we hear God telling us that? How many of God’s beloved children have been killed in the name of our beliefs; one example being… Religion, from wars of those who have been told (more likely lied to) that our way is the only way and that you must fear those who do not agree or believe as you believe? Beliefs are born out of the fear of not knowing truth! Why do we do this? Because we have fear of seeing ourselves for who we truly are and choose to pick a savior to save us or believe in a fantasy that they are not accountable for their actions, instead of doing the work that is necessary on changing our hearts to one that loves as God loves! There is only one path that leads us to divinity and that is the path of Truth, God’s path of universal Truths… not beliefs.

    A link below on… Following the path of logic to Paradise that I hope you enjoy…


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