The Split Hits the Fan


Winter arrived in high fashion recently with a weekend storm and plenty of heavy, wet snow. I’m pleased that the temperature will remain warmish for several days so this first batch of beautiful annoyance can quickly convert to river water. I’ll take it as nature’s way of saying, “Put down that shovel, I’ve got your back,” which is the perfectly apt metaphor for this vintage Minnesotan.

Part of me wonders what the winter will bring to our larger story as the transition to the new reality gains momentum. If the energy field of human emotion is directly related to the intensity of weather experienced, then we may be in for a tumultuous ride this season. The contraction of cold weather this year is well-timed to the intense emotional contractions in a large part of humanity feeling less in control than ever. Many of us who are stepping through the doorway into a new world may have forgotten how challenged we were to let go of what we thought was important and real, but a large number of people are now on the cusp of facing choices that need to resolve in a few months or years instead of the decades we had available.

The upside, as time compresses, is that the pathways have been made in the consciousness of the collective by those who went before, and a certain ease of transition is possible that was not available to those in the first wave. The trail has been blazed.

This is December, the end of a cycle. We are also two years away and rapidly closing in on the end of many significant cycles, well-described by the Mayans. The contractions grow tight among those making futile attempts to preserve the status quo, i.e. the dominance of mind and the binding of others through fear. The tide has turned and the plug has been pulled from Duality. Energy drains from the old structures to be rewoven into new forms, and those still bound to the old ways eventually face the same choice: Release their own bindings born of the old story or resist change and further contract into the fear.

Beliefs persist among some people that we are going to be saved either by masters or ETs, depending on whether the teachings are traditional or new age. These views are about salvation, not choice. Such perspectives are externally focused, which is a sign they are based in Duality. I use this as an example, but everything that attempts to pull you out of yourself or direct your mind away from your inner knowing is exactly the kind of binding and conditioning to which I refer.

Sometimes it is taught that the choice is simply between Love or fear. I might say that the choice is between Love or anything not of Love, or what has essence and what does not. And, this choice is made in every moment, not just when making large decisions. The “shift” is partly about realignment within self, shifting focus to inner guidance and inner choices. The move is toward sovereign individuation within a coherent whole; a unified being, but multifaceted and conscious of such.

This is the time of the great dissolution of the old story, and what has kept a certain reality intact for participants no longer has energy. The title this month, The Split Hits the Fan, recognizes the acceleration of change and a kind of crunch-time for determining on which evolutionary path to proceed. The choice may not be conscious for many people, but at some point the opportunity to choose the way of the heart will be presented. The response becomes the choice and the process unfolds from that point.

Moving out of polarity and making the choice for Love is challenging in a world constantly focused on money, politics, power and war. Yet, as distortions grow larger in those areas, the easier it becomes to disavow oneself from their influence, mostly because staying connected is too painful. With the pathways in place, many others will find their way to a new reality and a new earth experience.

The energy is flowing from the old story to the new at an ever-increasing rate, and the waves of change are creating a mighty surf. Welcome to 2011. Hang ten.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (, and can be contacted at [email protected].



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