Raise your Love Vibration and Watch your Life Transform


If you truly want to raise your vibration, connect with the power of Love. Real Love is not some fluffy concept. It is the essence of spiritual energy. The Star Wars films remind us about spiritual energy with the famous line, “May the Force be with you.” That “Force” is the vibration of Love, and it can move mountains, heal bodies and change circumstances.

Love is “the truth, the way, and the life.” Love is the main tenant of all religious teachings. There is nothing more real or powerful than the force of Love, and it is always available.

In any moment, you have the power to choose Love or Fear. The simplest way to choose Love is to listen for Love’s voice in your heart. When you listen to Love, you heal years of pain. You transform “shoulds” and feelings of inadequacy. You realize you create your life instead of allowing life to create you. When you listen to Love, you feel good. When you feel good, you draw wonderful things towards you. You create the life you desire. But, before you can do this, you need to embrace the life you have right now.

One of the most common traits of Fear is to resist what “is.” The Fear part of you believes that in order to feel better, you must get rid of your anger, your relationship, your situation, etc. But actually, the opposite is true. For if you desire to attract something different, you need to first accept what you have. You need to acknowledge or accept the present before you can move into creating a new life, a new relationship or a new situation.

Love is always the answer – once you understand what “Love” truly is. At its core, Love is being able to observe what is happening without judgment and to let go fully. That takes practice! I have been raising my Love vibration for many years now, and I have numerous stories that it really works. Here is one such delight!

I was returning to Minneapolis from Florida one winter on a packed flight. I like to sit up front in planes due to minor motion sickness, but on this particular flight, I was unable to attain such a luxury. My seat assignment was not only in the back of the plane next to the latrine, but my seatmates were talking quite loudly while eating smelly burgers and fries! (No fun for a vegetarian!) Each time someone opened the bathroom door, my seat shook and I felt sick. I glanced forward to see if, by chance, there were any open seats, but the plane appeared full.

I knew in order to have peace, I would have to accept reality. I would have to turn to Love. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths and surrendered. I decided it was a golden opportunity to spread love by accepting the annoying couple and the uncomfortable seat. I imagined what Love would say: I accept this situation. I will be okay. I let go.

As I sat there feeling better, the woman stopped talking and my seat felt still. All was calm. Then, I realized I still wanted a different seat. I would be okay, but I wanted something better. “I am going to attract a different seat,” I said to myself confidently. I smiled and asked my seatmate, who was speaking with other travelers up front, if one of her companions would like to switch seats with me. I informed her I about my motion sickness and that sitting closer to the middle of the plane might help.

“No,” she said, slurping her soda. “They all want to sit together. But let me tell the flight attendant.”

She motioned to a smiling attendant and said assertively, “This woman needs a different seat!”

I explained the situation to the attendant and he declared there were a few middle seats left. I hate middle seats, I said to myself, but then I quickly remembered that Love would say to accept what is given. I told him I would take it.

I started to maneuver my way out and everyone was amazingly helpful. The attendant told me to take 27D and I began to look for it. I could not believe it! It was an aisle seat! I looked back at him and said, “This one?” and he smiled.

I sat down, and next to me was a young woman reading a spiritual novel by one of my favorite authors. I told her I had read all his books and she said I could have the book when she was finished. I was thrilled that I had manifested a great seat. But I also realized how important it was to love the situation first and be unattached to the outcome.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Use it!

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Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, inspirational speaker and spiritual psychotherapist. Lisa's mission is to help people live from their heart instead of their limiting ego and create a world where Love prevails. Lisa provides stress management training for nurses, social workers and adults with aging parents. Lisa also facilitates a volunteer program, "Love Angels" that provides comfort care to nursing home residents. Visit www.messagesfromlove.com


  1. Thank you, Lisa, for reminding us that it takes practice to “observe what is happening without judgment and to let go fully”. It requires being consciously aware of my intention to choose Love; thus, I want my very first thought, in a challenging situation, to be: “I can CHOOSE how to react, before I react!” instead of reacting with my habitually-engrained negative emotions — which are rooted in fear. Thank you, Love Lady!


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