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SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions, by Rainn Wilson, Devon Gundry, Golriz Lucina and Shabnam Mogharabi (Hyperion), 224 pages, $19.99
Can men and women really be ” just friends? If you only had one hour left to live, how would you spend it? What paralyzes your creativity? What fuels it? Somewhere over the course of history, chewing on Life’s Big Questions lost its cool factor. Fortunately for mankind, Rainn Wilson (best known for playing Dwight Schrute on NBC’s “The Office”) and a bunch of his friends are on a mission to change that. Based on the wildly successful website, this book urges you to explore philosophy, creativity, spirituality, love, truth, science, and so much more. With bold questions, intriguing challenges, and mind-bending art, Soul Pancake creates a space for you to stimulate your brain stem, spark your soul, and figure out what it means to be human.

Conversations with Your Home — Guidance and Inspiration Beyond Feng Shui, by Carole J. Hyder (Hyder Enterprises), 210 pages, $21, at
Feng Shui expert Carole Hyder’s latest book was written to let you know that you and your house are together for a higher purpose as  intentional characters in the drama of life. All three sections of this book are intended to help you build and nurture a healthy and vital relationship with your home. In doing so, you will hopefully realize that you are not alone in your journey but instead are connected to a conscious energy that happens to come to you in a spatial format. This energy can help you feel whole and safe so that in the end you can create your perfect life.

Pocket Guide to Meditation, by Alan Pritz (iUniverse), 132 pages, $13.95
The updated version of this noted primer on meditation by Twin Cities teacher and life coach Alan Pritz offers vital information on the practice of meditation. It helps to reduce everyday stress, increase mental acuity and improve creativity. By practicing the exercises and techniques in this book, you will discover that developing your spiritual nature will enable you to move beyond personal limitations to heightened awareness, collective abundance and inner joy. Author Larry Dossey says this book “should be given to everybody who enters a doctor’s office, so they hopefully won’t need to come back.”


Heart Songs: Meditative Chants from the Paramhansa Yogananda Tradition, by Alan Pritz, $15, at
Devotional chanting involves singing simple songs — from soul to Spirit — to open the heart. These chants come from a yogic tradition, yet the language is mostly English, and the focus, universal. After melodies and words are learned, give undivided focus to repeating them with deeper and deeper devotion, striving to fully understand the meaning behind the words until you become immersed in joyous singing.

The Art & Science of Meditation, by Alan Pritz, $18, at
Offering an overview, more detailed information, practice guidelines and a guided meditation, Alan Pritz explains that meditation is the science of reuniting the soul with Spirit. A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a non-sectarian minister, this teacher guides us into an experience that ultimately frees us from total identity with the physical body and its limitations, and reunites us with cosmic consciousness.


Awareness, an iPhone app, $3.99, available at
Discover inner peace and emotional freedom with Awareness, a revolutionary new application that helps you learn to be grounded and peaceful in your day to day life. Developed by Psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld, it builds on 25 years of clinical psychological experience, modern advances in neuroscience, and ancient spiritual learning, packaged into a mobile tool that goes with you wherever you are. It is the first tool to use mobile technology to randomly intercept your daily routine, and prompt you to get in touch with what you are feeling; taking you out of your worries and bringing you to the present moment.

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