Conscious Eating for Radiance, Longevity and Evolution


First of a four-part series

What if we could increase our longevity by 20 to 50 years or more? Many schools of thought say that we can, and conscious eating may be one of the most impactful things we can do to live a longer and more radiant life. It also contributes to the evolution of our consciousness and the health of our planet.

Conscious eating is about being aware of what you consume. Conscious eating is about contemplating what you take in. Conscious eating is about adopting an understanding of the effect your eating habits have on your body, mind and spirit and the world as a whole.

Let’s start by looking at food as fuel for the body, mind and spirit. Wouldn’t you want to choose the highest quality fuel available? Let’s use your car as an example. If you put the wrong fuel in your car, it does not run efficiently. The same is true of your body. It needs fuel that it can identify with in order to run efficiently. All the processed, packaged, artificial and fast foods at our disposal today are not identifiable to the body. They cause hormonal imbalances, disease and disharmony in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Let’s define the word “conscious.” It means to be aware, awake, alert and mindful. We have learned to eat on the run, in the car, on the bus and in front of the TV. How often have you heard or said: “Let’s grab a quick bite.” Most of us have developed eating habits that are rushed and hurried. How often can you say that you are truly conscious and honor what you eat?

If you earnestly want to become more conscious, evolve, be radiant and live a long, quality life, it will take some discipline and lifestyle changes, but the payoff is well worth the effort. Here are some things to contemplate as you start your conscious eating adventure:

  • Be aware that light is life, and live food is packed with the sun’s energy-giving light and radiance. The more live food you eat, the more radiant you become. You also become clearer of your life purpose and mission.
  • It is recommended by many raw foods advocates that we take in a minimum of 51 percent raw foods, more is even better. “Studies show” that after eating cooked food (above 118 degrees), our blood responds immediately by increasing the number of white blood cells. The white blood cells are our first line of defense and are better known as the “immune system.” After testing many different kinds of foods, it has been found that if the foods were not overheated or refined, they caused no such reaction, as the body merely saw them as “friendly foods.” If these same foods were heated at too high a temperature, they caused a negative reaction in the blood. Researchers also found that if overcooked and processed foods were chewed very thoroughly, the harm to the blood could be lessened.
  • Food is energy! When you have a meal, be conscious of what kind of energy/fuel you are consuming. Optimally, your food will be grown locally and be organic. Be aware of over packaging, fast and processed foods. They have no life to them and are dead energy!
  • Be conscious of your emotions when you eat. Your emotions can affect how your food is digested and absorbed. Also, notice if you have a particular emotion that triggers a food craving.
  • Prepare a meal fully awake and focused on what you are preparing. Consider where your food came from and how it was grown. Is it organic and local? Sit down and enjoy your meal, chewing 30 to 50 times. Be grateful and give thanks!

Our bodies represent our consciousness. The more consciously you eat, the more conscious you become! As you become more conscious of your food, cooking and eating habits, you will realize amazing and everlasting changes to the quality of your body and your life.

Part 2 Next month: Creating a Conscious Kitchen

A workshop, “Conscious Eating for Radiance and Longevity,” will take place January 15-16 in Afton, MN. See It will be led by Gina Citoli and Lynn Koll, of the OASIS Center for Conscious Living [].

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Gina Citoli
Gina Citoli is owner of Alchemy VII Productions and director of New Earth Theater. Contact her at 503.380.7273 or [email protected]. Visit or find her on facebook at New Earth Theater.


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