Cup of Twilight


She floats through the Universe Coffee Hut and orders a tall, dark cup of twilight. A Mercury Comet carries her to the beach by the bay; she spreads her shawl on the ground where grass and sand blur. It was early a.m., her favorite time, when the fiery yellow sun and shy, coy moon exchange glances in the pale iris sky. She sips the spangled twilight slow, pausing when she’s connecting with something, as she does in the morning. The ocean air, rolling in from a point where the only land is underneath deep water, cools her face, dissipates the remaining steam from her open cup, fluttering breath from a blue mother. For her, all of the elements in her life melt like a sandcastle; magic ones surround her. She warms her hands on the wax cup, feels the honeycomb dimples on the amber wrap holder, savoring each swallow down to the bitter brown. In this moment, the sky clock winds down and balance regenerates. After she empties her cup, she gazes into the bottom; tiny stars shimmer among earthy dregs.

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