EFT: The Breakthrough Emotional Therapy of the New Millennium

It’s a fact that our emotional health plays a vital role in our physical well-being. Every day we experience how our body responds to emotions. Our hearts pound when we’re frightened, our faces turn red when we’re embarrassed, our palms become sweaty (or our tummy aches) when we’re anxious and many people have numerous physical responses when they’re stressed. Stress can cause indigestion, teeth-grinding, tinnitus, immune system disorders, hypertension, respiratory ailments and much more.

Millions of us carry around a lifetime of betrayals, anger, stress, anxiety, shame, grief and rejection. While some may seek help for emotional problems, the majority of people suppress or ignore their emotional issues. Left untreated, negative emotions can have a devastating impact on our long term health, including ulcers, heart ailments, depression, asthma, auto-immune disorders and even cancer. In fact, many medical professionals now say that unresolved negative emotions are responsible for 85-95 percent of all illnesses!

The good news is that in the past two decades a new “Energy Psychology” has been developed. It’s comprised of several meridian tapping techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and has been clinically shown to alleviate a wide range of distresses such as traumas, anxiety, phobias, stress, fears, pain and much more.

EFT is applied by methodically stimulating the body’s energy system, usually by tapping on meridian acupressure points, while verbally addressing a troubling memory, emotional event or physical issue. While it may seem improbable to be this simple, the basic form of “tapping” has been highly effective in neutralizing hundreds of different mind-body issues in literally millions of people. It’s safe, painless and works minutes or hours, compared to traditional talk therapy that can take months or years to achieve lasting results.

There are actually several Meridian or Energy Psychology therapies available today, however, EFT seems to be the forerunner of these therapies in that is the most readily available and self-applied easily with dependable results. A central portal for finding out about this Energy Psychology is www.EFTUnited.com or www.ProEFT for more advanced versions of the traditional protocols.

The Tapping World Summit is a 10-day, free online event with some of the top experts in tapping. It will cover relevant topics such as weight loss, pain relief and ending procrastination. This is the biggest event in the tapping community and was attended by over 100,000 people in 2010.  2011 Summit scheduled to begin in February  For more information, visit



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