Eliminate the Distraction from the Law of Attraction with EFT

A conversation between Certified EFT Practitioners Dr. Kim Eisen and Cathryn Taylor

What is the Law of Attraction anyway? Simply put: like attracts like. More complex: It is a law of the universe based on the fact that you are an energetic being that vibrates. This vibration emits a frequency that acts like a magnet, drawing back to you the vibrational match to any feeling you emit.

Simply stated, Energy Therapy, such as EFT, is a psychological version of acupuncture without the needles. It works by stimulating well-established energy meridian points on the body by tapping on them with your fingertips while addressing your emotions. This technique releases the disruption that results from stress or trauma and returns your body to its natural state of balance. But EFT not only addresses the challenging feelings resulting from physical or emotional pain, it also can be used to reinforce the positive feelings such as joy, love, grace and gratitude. The process is easy to learn and is portable so you can do it anywhere.

Modern-day physicists agree that everything in the universe — what you can and cannot see — is pure, pulsing, ever-flowing energy. Everything we have in our life now has been attracted by our thoughts and feelings. If you want more good things, it begins with more positive thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction is not tit-for-tat in its results. It’s not just one bad or good thought. The attraction is a response to the accumulation or average of all of the thoughts and feelings to which you give credence. For instance, what you attract with respect to health, money, career or relationships is directly related to how you really feel about each subject. In fact, if you want to determine what you are unconsciously feeling, explore what you have because they are one and the same.

What you conceive, you achieve! The power really is within you to create, to change or to accept all things. It starts with you and it ends with you. You can begin right now by releasing the non-beneficial thoughts and feelings and replacing them with empowering, self-affirming beliefs. AND, you can do that quickly and easily with the energy therapy tools of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It’s easier than you think.

If it is so easy, then why do so many people feel the Law of Attraction isn’t working for them?

KIM EISEN: I hear that a lot. I think the frustration comes when it isn’t working the way they want it to work, despite being so diligent and purposeful about it. In the larger sense, it’s not their fault. They are trying to fight with their brain neuron connections and unconscious beliefs stemming from societal and familial programming, which run over 95 percent of our life. When we pit the conscious 5 percent against the 95 percent unconscious, the unconscious always trumps. Wouldn’t you agree Cathryn?

CATHRYN TAYLOR: Absolutely! The Law of Attraction always responds to whichever emotional part of us is doing the attracting! If our relationships feel unfulfilling or are nonexistent, it is useful to explore “who inside” is doing the attracting! When I attract what I want, I know my competent, illuminated adult is running the show. If not, as you suggested, Kim, there is a battle raging inside. Most often it is the inner child who, out of fear, is “distracting us from attracting” what is desired. The Universe responds to the distraction. Consequently, we have a duality — what we attract is less than we desire, but matches what we fear.

Combining the Law of Attraction and EFT is successful.

This is why using energy tapping to neutralize these “distractions” is so powerful. It successfully addresses this battle. We do not have to deny feelings such as fear, doubt or shame. That just pushes those feelings back into the unconscious. When we state our challenging feelings as we tap, they dissipate. It clears our energy field of distractions. Then, if we tap as we state positive, self-affirming statements, we reinforce a vibration that more accurately matches our desires. What are your thoughts about that Kim?

KIM: I see so many people reading self-help books, visualizing, using vision boards, etc., but most end up returning to the comfort of their “unconscious” belief system. Frustrated, they lament, “The Law of Attraction isn’t working for me!” But, as we both have witnessed, it is always working according to our true, unconscious beliefs. We can’t fool the universe. Believe me, I’ve tried! I found, both with myself and my clients, that using the combination of EFT as a tool to rid what’s in the way and then purposely using the Law of Attraction is truly a match made in heaven.

How does EFT help with the Law of Attraction?

When we’re not getting what we want in life, it’s only because that daunting, underlying belief system, which is based on our past experiences and programming, is not congruent with what we want. We may call it blocks, saboteur or apathy, but no matter what you call it, it’s frustrating. Our override process is to cause distractions in everyday life to protect ourselves from disappointments. The magic of EFT is that we can neutralize that energy associated with the blocks or disappointments quickly. This allows us to automatically expand to a higher attraction vibration, which is congruent with what we want to manifest. Cathryn, how do you see it?

CATHRYN: You are so right, Kim! When we focus positive, loving thoughts on our dreams, our mind immediately starts the process of creating them.

What few are prepared for is the fact that the more light we shed on our dreams, the more we illuminate the shadow of our fears and doubts. The beauty of EFT is that the electrical impulse sent through our energy system when we tap soothes those feelings and clears the way for us to send out a vibration that matches our desires.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Now, I know that sounds really simple. But every moment we focus on feeling good, we send out a vibration that can attract good things back. It begins with feeling good about the person we are — which begins by embracing our inner child. There truly is no magic greater than that of a child. That holds true for the child within us, as well. But a wounded inner child holds on strong to that which kept it safe. EFT provides a way for that inner child to be heard and to let go.

KIM: I know. Beyond our fears is success! What I’ve learned is that there are only two primary keys when working with the Law of Attraction. Yet, each requires purposeful attention and just a little effort to get the rhythm of it. It is much easier than you think. Those who have tried everything without success didn’t get the whole story. They just got pieces of the puzzle here and there, tried them a bit, got frustrated and quit. So, when we clear ourselves we come from a place of pure inspiration, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

How can this help change our life? Because we are pure energy, then each time we release non-beneficial beliefs, our energy flow changes and everything else in our life changes, as well. We then easily feel inspired — passionate. We manifest what we desire and deserve. Many ask “Who will I be if I change?” Yet, the real question is, “Who do I want to be?” My ultimate goal is happiness in whatever form that takes. Isn’t that really what we all desire?

CATHRYN: Yes, I think that desire is universal, and the results of this combination can be universal, as well. When I feel out of sorts, and I tap, I attain a state of peace and grace. Each time I do that, my trust in my ability to succeed grows. We will always have some discomfort. It is what inspires us to change. When someone asks me what will be different when they do this work, I say, “You will feel better. You will feel less afraid. Your trust will grow. Relationships will improve. Conflicts will get resolved. Abundance will soar.”

The process at work
While having this conversation, we were inspired to join forces to create a live event [Saturday, Jan. 29, info at www.AttractionToday.com] where Edge readers can learn and experience this firsthand. That inspiration provoked the very process we talked about above. The opportunity to “practice what we preach” emerged. It looked like this:

  • There is a desire. There is excitement. We tap together as we set our combined intention!
  • Challenges surface. Some are resolved with ease — others need a little effort.
  • We continue to collaborate. We tap together to assist each other in attaining and sustaining our exhilaration, mastery and joy.

We hope to inspire you to do the same!

Dr. Kim Eisen and Cathryn Taylor will present “Eliminating the Distractions from the Law of Attractions” on Saturday, Jan. 29, a powerful seminar where you will authentically learn how to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you, Learn the missing pieces to The Secret that no one told you about. For more information go to: www.AttractionToday.com.


  1. I don’t know where this came from. It simply popped up in my search history this morning and what a wonderful surprise! I needed to read this today, I needed something to click in my mind and make sense of why my abilities, sincerity and the ease of making people feel truly cared about, has not helped me create the life I so desperately want. This article and this paragraph below, give me hope and I want to learn more.
    “When we’re not getting what we want in life, it’s only because that daunting, underlying belief system, which is based on our past experiences and programming, is not congruent with what we want. We may call it blocks, saboteur or apathy, but no matter what you call it, it’s frustrating. Our override process is to cause distractions in everyday life to protect ourselves from disappointments.”
    I just want to say thank you… You words of wisdom and experience “popped up” for a reason.
    Peace & Grace,


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