Into The Nothing!


I would like to share with you a glimpse of what is possible – a journey only a few human beings have ever taken. To travel deep into the Essence of Self, in the realm of the “Nothing!”

I personally have ventured deep into My Conscious Essence of Self many times. Each excursion into My Self reveals more than I was aware was present in a previous moment. I actually see and feel My Self traveling into the deepest levels of My Multi-Universal Self, into the vast and expansive “Energy of the Nothing.” When I choose to go there, I see and feel My Self consciously flying through all the “Energy of the Something.” Energy that I can see and feel has been and was attempting to block My journey. It is my determination and resolve to know, feel and Be the I AM, I AM! It is my desire to be free, that encourages me to go deeper and deeper within My Essence of Self.

On Wednesday, March 24, 2010, I again made this journey. As I traveled deep within, I could feel and see the energy that kept coming forward to block me and stop me. It was almost like a wall of energy, that if I focused on it, as it desired me too, would draw my attention away from continuing the journey deep into My Essence of Self as I AM in the Energy of the Nothing. Undaunted and undeterred, I continued to focus on what was beyond the wall of energy in front of Me. Time and time again, for an entire hour, this went on until there were no energy walls left for me to move through.

Behind me, I could see this Universe I AM physically participating in – and the light of this Universe got smaller and smaller until it simply disappeared behind me.

The Energy of Nothing does not hold light and does not hold dark. Light and dark are energies of the experience and the something. I have ventured into the “Energy of Nothing” many times, but this was the first time I could feel I was experiencing My energy flowing and coalescing with another conscious energy in the Energy of the Nothing.

A conscious energy and essence in My Multi-Universal Self? Why is it here? How did it get into My Multi-Universal Self?

Connecting with this conscious energy took place for about 40 minutes. When I opened my eyes, this conscious energy from the Energy of the Nothing discovered it was within My body, within My Life Force Energy Center in My chest. I felt the reaction of this consciousness within. Whoa! How did this happen? When this consciousness saw through my eyes the ceiling above me, there was a realization that it was now within me. Twelve times my body catapulted into the air like a caged animal attempting to escape, as this consciousness attempted to leave.

I heard, “Let me go!” But I knew in that moment this conscious energy that existed in the Energy of the Nothing was now experiencing being fully conscious through my body. Through the connection I made with this consciousness in My “Energy of the Nothing,” in returning consciously to my body, it returned with Me into the “Energy of the Something.”

I became aware that this consciousness has existed in the My Energy and Consciousness within the Nothing I AM. I became aware in that moment that each human being is born with a conscious energy in their Multi-Universal Self that is not true to them, that hides in the Nothing Energy of Self. This conscious energy is effecting ALL of humanity and the human experience by existing in a place within our own Multi-Universal Energy of Nothing, without our being able to be aware it is there.

By venturing into the Nothing of My Self, I became aware that it has held the ability to control My experiences and choices as I participated in this human experience!

I have also become aware that this conscious energy holds a power over the human experience and each human being that has not been visible or could be understood before. Each human being has been affected to different degrees – some more, some less. It is still there within each of you.

What I am sharing is not to alarm you or create unnecessary fear or concern. It is what it is, and it will continue until it does not. But, unless an individual has traveled into the Energy of the Nothing and encountered this consciousness from within, it is My Understanding that You will not be free of it.

Now I AM not asking you to believe that what I have shared really happened. I cannot prove it, for you it may only be possibly plausible. But for me it was real, and so I share it here with you in these words.

How does this conscious Energy of the Nothing affect you or deceive you within? Do you struggle with relationships? Do you struggle with anger, frustration, resentment, disgust, intolerance, addictions, petty issues? Do you feel blocked within, and no matter how much energy work, purging and looking within you do, some energy still seems to be blocking your energy within? Do you see and feel many different energies holding you back, and coming back time and time again? Do you call them yours, then those energies own you, as you believe they are yours to deal with?

Look at the many different people who promote and advertise their ability to look and dissolve what issues you may be struggling with. It is being promoted and many are telling you that these are your issues. These are your past-life issues. This is Your Stuff to deal with!

Whoa! What is really being promoted here? If there is a conscious energy within your Multi-Universal Self that you cannot see and have not been able to be aware of that is promoting your continued struggles within, would you like to look at it and free your Self of it? Are you interested in going right to the source?

Energy is Energy! See it as dark and it is! See it as light and it is! See it as yours and it is! I say, see it as simply energy – neither light or dark, good or bad, and certainly do not own it as yours! This will only continue to mire you in any energy that is there, as it can relate and correlate to your present Self and your past experiences.

Do you desire to travel into Your Multi-Universal Energy of Nothing and discover the I AM Self You are, which is separate from the Energy of Something but controls your life and experiences as a human being here in this world and dimension? Look at what controls you from the neutral space of nothing within Your Self?

If you are truly ready to take this journey within, you will know it as you read these words – and there will be no doubt. Are you ready to explore where you have never explored before?

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