I have undergone a cycle of life in the course of a year,
The change from caterpillar to butterfly is what happened here.
I was born timid, shy, and unknowing of the world around,
I thought I was aware, but there was so much more to be found.
I traveled as a lonely caterpillar trying to find “me,”
“Maybe,” I thought, “if I change my looks, others will like what they see.”

So I spun a protective cocoon around my body and mind
And I stayed far away from those who would judge me for a long time.
I felt secure in my new home, but only for a little while,
I began to feel too safe, emotions began to pile.
“I can’t take much more of this!” I cried from inside. “I’m going to burst!”
I struggled to get out. “I need some help or else it will get worse.”

Help never came, I thought of giving up, but I knew I could not,
“I need to break out of this hard cocoon, but I’m stuck in a knot.”
I sighed. “Maybe I need to love myself before my soul can shine.”
I took the time to listen within and came up with a new sign.
I knew all along I could break my cocoon, I needed to try,
So I pushed with all my might to break the tie.

I looked at my wings and smiled; to my old self I could say goodbye,
Out from my old, secure place emerged a beautiful butterfly.
“I did it, I did it!” I shouted with glee. “I broke through my shell.
I must fly away because I have many new stories to tell.”
I spread my wings to show my true colors and flew away free,
And that’s the tale of how a caterpillar became the new me!

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