Suffering leads to invention to relieve pain

The Story Behind the Product

My journey started back in the late 1950s when my father began helping his athletes with back pain by using an osteopathic technique. He would place his hand under the sacrum, lift and hold for about 20 minutes until he felt a release.

The sacrum, a wedge-shaped bone in the center of the hips, often is referred to as the keystone of our anatomy, the center of gravity with all of the weight from the upper torso transferring through the center and down to the legs. Common sense will tell you that if this “keystone” is the slightest bit out of alignment, there are going to be problems or symptoms, ranging from sciatica, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, heel pain, and even into the neck and shoulders.

My dad continued this technique for years with many athletes who returned from college to have him repeat the hold, because that seemed to be the only thing that helped with their back issues. He finally decided to create a device — Sacro Wedgy® — that would mimic what his hand was doing — isolating, cradling and elevating only the sacrum. I watched people come to our house, relax on the Sacro Wedgy® for about 20 minutes and leave feeling amazing relief. That’s when I decided I would keep this common-sense invention in the family.

That was over 20 years ago. I started by literally stopping one person at a time on the street if I saw them walking in pain. I listened to thousands of sufferers describe sciatica and many other debilitating symptoms. Each person is so different, but the common thread goes back to a simple muscle imbalance. That is what we concentrate on — helping the body gently return to balance. There is no quick fix. It takes time for most problems to get as bad as they are, so it will take time to reverse the process. With the help of my dad, we’ve created a system of a natural dual traction that stabilizes both ends of the spine using the Sacro Wedgy® under the sacrum and support under the neck. Gravity does the work and you just relax. Correct the posture to help relieve painful symptoms.

I now teach, market and sell this simple device worldwide, with my son handling the website. I provide continuing education for massage therapists because they, along with other professionals, are still using their hand to hold the sacrum. You can’t imagine the feeling I get when someone calls or writes about how much relief they got from just relaxing 20 minutes a day on my dad’s invention. The whole story along with 25 pages of amazing letters from sufferers are on our website.

I truly believe if people would start using this system on a regular basis, they would not only help correct problems, but prevent problems from occurring. Prevention is so important — the “keystone” of good health and healing. If anyone is suffering, please consider embarking on a healing journey with a simple solution.



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