Are You Unaware Also?


We have seen the headlines all too often. Shooting spree results in multiple deaths, officials looking for answers. I can tell you right now, the officials have not the slightest idea of what to look for, generally. What exactly am I talking about?

As people of this Earth, everyone is basically from the State of Missouri, the Show Me state. People have a desire to understand what they do not understand. But they have a desire to believe it within the context of what they can see and prove.

Let me give you an example. In Wisconsin, a 15-year-old boy held his classmates captive at gunpoint before taking his own life in the past week. His parents said they saw no signs of depression. I am very aware he was not depressed. He was possessed. He did not bring that gun to school, he did not kill himself. They did it to him and through him. Who? The five entities possessing him. Am I the only one aware of them? Three men and two women, earthbound — In-betweeners, as I call them; others like to call the ghosts.

I have seen it many times and have worked with individuals to help free them of those angry, drug-addicted, manipulating In-betweeners, whose lives have come to an end. They hang around and then begin to play God/Devil through the energy and bodies of human beings who have no idea they are being possessed, played with and controlled.

Many people look at huntings and ghost encounters as interesting and curious. Some of them are, but there are some very cruel and bitter In-betweeners whose lives and deaths were anything but pleasant. So the old saying is, “Misery loves company.” If I am not happy, you are not going to be happy either.

I worked with a young man a couple of years ago who was possessed. His behavior was very erratic at times. One day, without provocation, he threw a sharp knife at his fiancé. Needless to say, this scared both her and him. He had In-betweeners hanging around him constantly, putting him in stupors and being cruel and abusive through his body. I dealt with them and now his life has a renewed balance.

The In-betweeners love alcohol and drugs, because in those moments they can come forward and more easily take over a human body. But give an In-betweener enough time to affect a person’s life, eventually they will take it over.

I worked with a young woman who knew her apartment had a lot of ghostly activity but refused to move. When I went there to clear her home out, I could feel the energy of a 27-year-old man up in the corner of her bedroom. At night when she was sleeping, he would lay in bed with her and touch her. Then there was the man and his ape-like friend who was in her bathroom. There also was a woman with a bloody face, hair and hands who kept her distance, but was frightening her children. She had taken a photo of the man and the ape. It also did not help that there was a small family cemetery about 150 feet from her apartment.

What are signs you can look for in a person if possession-like activity is taking place around them? Behavioral changes that just do not make sense. Getting a good night sleep and waking up tired often means you have an unseen sleeping partner! In-betweeners love feeding off the energy of people as they sleep.

Is it my intention to scare you? No! But also understand this: If you are so naive as to believe that even the friendliest of ghosts do not alter, change or affect your energy, your family’s energy or the energy of your home, think again! Long-term exposure to any energy not in balance around you or your family can result in unusual irritability towards other family members, health issues and an increase in defiance within your children. It is kind of like constant exposure to lead in paint. Sooner or later, the affects show up, often with no explanation as to why.

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