Echo Bodine & brother Michael to share stage at Psychic Symposium


Noted Twin Cities psychic, healer and author Echo Bodine, and her brother Michael, a celebrity psychic and author, will present a lecture together for the first time at the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium, from 2:30-4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park.

The event, an opportunity for the public to learn more about intuition and psychic phenomena, also includes keynote speaker Mas Sajady ($10 advance, $15 at door, 9:15 a.m. on “Design Your Life for 2011”) and a psychic panel from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. featuring Troy Parkinson (medium), Kayla Wright (psychic) and Cathy Lindsey (Astroeyes Evolutionary Astrology) and myself, a channel. Exhibitors will feature intuitive readers, animal communicators, aura phototographers, healers and metaphsyical consultations and merchandise.

The Twin Cities Psychic Symposium is from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Parking is free. Admission is $7 in advance ( or 1.877.776.5255) or $9 at the door, discounts for groups of two or more. Speaker tickets include admission to the event.

From all indications, it will be an exciting and profound experience. My husband, Gary, and I met Echo and Michael for lunch and it was fascinating to watch them as a team, playing off one another. There is a great deal of love between the two. Echo has always been looking out for her little brother, very much in a maternal and protective way. They say they are excited to be sharing the stage for the first time and have been working on a very special presentation to entertain the audience and, of course, offer insights and answers to some of their life’s challenges.

“It’s time to recognize your spiritual gifts,” Echo says.

As Echo looks at 2011, one word comes to mind: “Intense.” She says we already are living in intense times and that the universe is going to turn up the heat a notch up so that people begin living by their spiritual gifts, psychic abilities and inner voice or intuition.

In this 90-minute lecture, Echo and Michael define what these gifts are and how you can recognize them in yourself. They will share how they developed their abilities and will expand on how these special gifts can assist you in your daily life.  They also will offer guidance on developing your abilities. VIP seating is $29 advance, $37 at the door (includes free meditation CD), or general admission $20 advance, $29 at the door.

Echo emphasizes that if you have been told that psychic or intuitive gifts are bad, evil or satanic, you are misinformed. You have a right to recognize, develop and live by guidance. She says those who are spiritually awake are open to receive daily guidance, and life does not have to be a challenge.

Echo currently is focusing on her online psychic development classes, and Michael’s focus is on his Los Angeles-based celebrity clientele.  They both reside in the Twin Cities.

For more about Echo and Michael, visit or

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