Flow is the Way Forward


From the Editor

Decades from now, textbooks describe the early 21st century as a time of unparalleled earth changes, widespread collapse of global financial markets, as well as incredible technological innovations in social networking and medical science. The texts inform students that there were mass casualties due to war and natural disaster, and topics of the day ranged from terrorism to safe food and drinking water.

But teachers, knowing full well that history books only tell part of the story, turn to the oracles, the intuitives, to relay the true history of our time. They tap into the consciousness of the past and translate it for the present moment.

One such intuitive, dressed in a black bodysuit, touches the oracle disc in front of her, and she begins speaking, in a hushed tone, with eyes closed:

“I touch upon 2011, fifty years past, and reflect this from that time. Incredible change and hardship faces this woman. Loss of job. Home flooded two years prior. Two children to support. She is applying for work via the global network. Now she is sitting still, in meditation. She opens her eyes and picks up a cellular phone. She speaks with her sister, saying this:

‘Sis, I know times are tough. Half of the homes on my block are in foreclosure. But I know things will work out. What I received in meditation is that the less we resist, the easier things will be. We need to be like the water in the stream and flow. Flow is the way forward. Yes, I know it’s a tough challenge for you. I know that few companies are hiring. But do not fear. Be present. Look at what you need to do now, do it, and move forward. Do not dwell on what’s not working. Just flow like the wind in the trees. Be alert for opportunity. Breathe and relax into the flow. Spend time in stillness, and silence the mind. We were not given this opportunity without the ability to achieve our soul’s purpose.'”

The oracle opens her eyes, turns and walks out of the room toward a different class down the hall. The teacher smiles to the class, arms outstretched, pleased that the oracle was able to share such wisdom.

One student, bored, watches clouds float by overhead, moving over the translucent ceiling. Other students squirm in their chairs, whispering that they learned about meditation and the stillness when they were babies.

The teacher senses the sentiment and reminds her students that knowing about meditation, about sitting in the silence, is one thing. Applying it to your life, when you face the most difficult of circumstances, is something else entirely.

“It is only when we are truly tested that we grasp the wisdom of our souls,” she said. “May you have the courage to be still when your fears tell you to run.”


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