Wisdom Beyond the Veil

Beyond the veil that separates the earth from the heavens exists a hierarchy of Divine Beings who are waiting. They know there are human beings who will one day realize they are more than a body plodding through life because of some cosmic accident. They know these souls will awaken to a memory that something Divine exists within them, something that connects them to an unknown powerful source of wisdom.

We are those souls and they are the wisdom beyond the veil that is waiting to guide us.

This earth is a school of learning. We chose to enroll in this school, even though we knew it would be difficult. We had a choice to go to other schools that were easier and less demanding, but we wanted to go to the best school, a school we could liken to Harvard, a school with challenging courses and tests that would seem almost insurmountable. We knew if we showed up for classes, did our homework and passed the tests, regardless of how difficult, we would one day graduate. Getting a degree from this Harvard was an incredibly important accomplishment. It wasn’t just graduating from any school and it wasn’t just any degree. It was the most demanding school and guaranteed we would leave with a Master’s degree.

Before we enrolled, we met with our personal “spiritual advisers” to decide what courses we were going to take for our soul’s highest growth. We chose classes in relationships, career, money, ego, fear, addictions and many other difficult courses. We knew some of these courses were going to be extremely grueling, but we also knew we would not struggle alone. Our advisers made a promise to us. They would be there to guide us. They assured us that we were entering the school of life with a direct line to the divine wisdom that would help us pass the tests we needed to earn our Master’s degree. They told us that we had one incredible adviser that would be with us constantly. They explained that our adviser is capable of interpreting the wisdom beyond the veil because it lives there, and here. This adviser is our soul.

Our life is not pre-determined, but it is pre-designed. We knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish when we incarnated. Our Soul had an agenda, pre-designed with the help of an incredibly wise team of brilliant beings who are constantly accessible. We made a commitment to enter into this earth life experience in order to grow, overcome past challenges, missed opportunities and failed tests. Some of us committed to more than our own personal soul’s growth. We committed to accepting the role of mentor for other souls who also enrolled in the school of life. Our reason for incarnating then transcended our own personal growth and included our commitment to helping other souls evolve.

Our journey in the school of life is not just about us. We can only earn a Master’s degree if we share what we have learned with other souls who are struggling with their own tests. The Master’s degree is the completion of all of the tests our soul, and our advisers, helped us create before we were born. Once we pass the tests, which are to transform our earthly challenges into enlightened insight that we can share with others, we are finished. We will never need to enroll in Harvard again and our cycle of rebirth onto this planet will also be finished.

Earning a Master’s degree is only possible if we overcome the power of our human ego by aligning with the wisdom of the soul. The voice of our soul is continuously calling for us to listen. If we will stop our addiction to earthly distractions, it will guide us to everything we need to manifest our dreams. It will align us with the magnificent wisdom of those who live beyond the veil.

Our spiritual evolution isn’t in the hands of a guru du jour whom we think has the answer. It is in the very center of our own being — and it is calling for us to learn to channel the wisdom and power of the beyond.


  1. Thank you… really enjoyed the article and would like to add some of my own insights…

    Having a fully open mind to hearing and learning truth, is the essential key to becoming the type of person of person that can live in Paradise and commune as beloved family with our Creator. This is the entire reason for God’s creation of us (following a path of logic which always leads us to truth) and why we are here on earth; to evolve into that type of person, while blind on earth… through each and every one of our lives total experiences. Whether we know it or not, or care to accept it… we are all in “school”, so to speak, in order to search for truth in our journey while here on earth and out there, until we have passed all tests and overcome our individual challenges and issues in becoming the type of person that cares for each other as God cares for us!

    God is a wonderful parent and always gives each of her children what they need to evolve, “not what they want”, which is the same that every good parent should do for their own children. When we can accept with love and the sincerity from within our heart, that “what we have… is what we need”, then we are at peace and happy in the challenges being presented to us every day while in the beautiful school of learning and appreciate every bit of it and yes, even in the pain we experience!

    I have listed a few quotes below that I hope you will find helpful and inspiring…

    You cannot be a “seeker of truth” and also a “believer of truth” at the same time. ~J.S. Thompson~

    Before we can understand truth, we must stop “believing” what truth is! Belief is another word for I don’t “know”. ~J.S. Thompson~
    You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. ~Galileo Galilei~

    A seeker of truth is always open to learn, but a believer has already arrived, ~J.S. Thompson~

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~Arthur Schopenhauer~

    My goal is simple: the complete understanding of the Universe. ~Steven Hawkings~

    We all need to understand this… “We do matter! We do make a difference! God is always talking to us; stop telling God what you believe and listen to God tell you the way”…

    Say this most perfect prayer with me…

    God… make me the type of person that will live in Paradise forever, I care not what you do to me or make me go through to achieve this… do to me what you will, let not my will, but your will be done…amen.

    Best of luck and blessings on your journey….
    J.S. Thompson


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